Polyline Editor from Nonki – Small Basic Featured Program

Here are some great Polyline Editor programs from Nonki Takahashi:    This is his first step for community suggestions 2 by Nonki: CBF139.   This is his second step for community suggestion 2 by Nonki: CBF139-0. [Open] and [Save] are not supported yet. He decided to make the file format SVG. <svg width=’550′ height=’340′> <polyline points=’19,314 223,314 209,183…


Small Basic Featured Program – Solar System

Today’s featured program is a great animated Solar System by a young Small Basic developer. In the words of his parent, “This program, developed by my 12 years old son, Adrian, provides a planet movement simulation, with an acurate rotation period simulation”. This is a screenshot of the prgram and you can import it with…


Yo-Yo Simulations – Small Basic Featured Programs

In the November 2014 challenges…   LitDev included this Physics challenge: Physics Challenge Write a program to model the movement of a yo-yo.  Try to get the rotation consistent with the up and down movement, and perhaps even add the jerk required when the yo-yo is fuly extended to keep it going.  The idea is…


Wood Grain Drawn with Small Basic

What kind of pattern can you see in cross section of a tree? Stripe? Concentric circles? I made a Small Basic program to draw wood grain. The program ID is KFJ748.


Small Basic – Mouse Position

Mouse Position Methods There are 2 ways to get the position of the mouse cursor in Small Basic. gwX = GraphicsWindow.MouseX gwY = GraphicsWindow.MouseY   mX = Mouse.MouseX mY = Mouse.MouseY GraphicsWindow.MouseX(Y) The GraphicsWindow variant gets the X and Y coordinates of the mouse cursor relative to the top left corner of the GraphicsWindow.  These…


Small Basic Guru – October Winner!!!

Find all the October TechNet Gurus here: The Microsoft TechNet Guru Awards! (October 2014)   Congrats to Nonki for a fantastic showing in October!     Small Basic Technical Guru – October 2014       Nonki Takahashi Small Basic: Rotation Centers for Shapes of Triangle and Line RZ: “Excellent article. This is a must read if you want…


Small Basic: Network Object

Today I will talk about Network Object in Small Basic programming language. Network Object is very simple.  There are only two operations.  That’s all.  One is DownloadFile().  The other is GetWebPageContents(). Network.DownloadFile() downloads a network file into your PC’s temporary folder.  The downloaded file name will become such like C:\Users\Nonki\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpFD3C.tmp .  You can download HTML,…


Small Basic – Chart Extension

I added a chart object to the LitDev extension, LDChart. So far it just has a pie and doughnut variant.  The C# extension source code is also available for download if you want to see how it is done or even modify to create your own. Sample Code GraphicsWindow.Width = 800 GraphicsWindow.Height = 400 GraphicsWindow.Title…


Small Basic Text RPG – Conquer the Underworld!

Check out this funny text-based RPG from Dinomite07: BDB469 – Text Based RPG         You’re going to have to take out some zombies. I think we should do an RPG for a future Small Basic Challenge.    – Ninja Ed


Small Basic – 3 Simple Games

Here are 3 text games from Dinomite07.    These were school assignments! XMC288 – BlackJack  SBN038 – Rock Paper Scissors LGB100 – Guessing Game     Good examples of basic text games you can make with Small Basic!    Enjoy!    – Ninja Ed