Create Real Console Mode Program in Small Basic – Featured Thread

Today, I'd like to introduce a thread in Small Basic forum.  The thread is "Create real Console mode program in SB" posted by Pappa Lapub.  This thread is a general discussion in the forum and shows how to create real console mode program with Small Basic and a freeware utility Application Mode Changer created by Nir Sofer.



Sometimes badly wanted to write a real console mode program in SB, that works like a real command line program and not via SB TextWindow. And i think, i finally found a way to make that possible. See screenshots:

These demos show 4 SB programs to perform simple calculations, directory listings (similar CMD internal 'dir' command), download/response header check from commandline and playing music/sound/speech from command line (CMD.exe). This is NOT the SB TextWindow, but inputs and outputs are directly in/from cmd.exe StdIn, StdOut.

Compiled a simple demo extension (SBCmd.dll with all used methods in a single class) for this demos to work (all sources and infos included). Modify as you like it. All of the demos use SBCmd.dll (+ JSEval.dll ) and 2 of them also LitDev extension.

Additionally you will need AppModeChanger from Nir Sofer to patch the original .exes compiled via SBIDE or from SmallBasicCompiler.exe. Links also included. If someone is interested, here are the needed bits and infos...

Download: (393 KB)

PS: Changed link, after found out that and  contained class names, that would not be found on other systems. Should fit now. Hope so!

Visit this thread here. Thank you sharing this information, Pappa Lapub.

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  1. Featured thread… great idea!

    And I love this program!

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