Trick or Treat?

I made a program GDD325-11.  Push [TRICK] or [TREAT] button.  Happy Halloween!


Stack in Small Basic?

A stack is a special memory of a computer program.  In Small Basic, Stack object  supports stack.  Today, I’ d like to introduce Stack. In Small Basic forum, there was a question How do I give a variable more than one number posted by Steven Jelsma.  To save many data, there are two methods.  One…


Small Basic – WebCam Motion Detection

WebCam Extension There has been a webcam object in the LitDev extension (LDWebCam) for a while, and I recently updated it so it works on WIndows 8 as well as earlier versions of Windows. There are some effects like grayscale, snow, gamma, contrast, pixelate, fisheye, swirl etc.  The effects can also be applied to an…


Small Basic for Kids – Featured Small Basic Book! – Ages 10-12

We’re featuring another Small Basic book from Philip Conrod and Lou Tylee! Learn more about the book here. ​​  SMALL BASIC FOR KIDS​ In the 1980’s, there was a series of books aimed at teaching kids how to use the Basic programming language.  Titles like “Kids and the Apple II”, “Kids and the Commodore 64,” and  “Kids and…


Small Basic Guru Winners! – September 2014

We have some winners! A thank you goes out to Philip and Nonki!    Small Basic Technical Guru – September 2014     Philip Munts Small Basic: For Windows 8.1 Tablet Michiel Van Hoorn: “Great article for those (1) want to make apps for tablet form factors and (2) are looking to package a SB app into a…


Create Real Console Mode Program in Small Basic – Featured Thread

Today, I’d like to introduce a thread in Small Basic forum.  The thread is “Create real Console mode program in SB” posted by Pappa Lapub.  This thread is a general discussion in the forum and shows how to create real console mode program with Small Basic and a freeware utility Application Mode Changer created by Nir…


Small Basic Featured Program – Boxing Game

Following on from NaochanON’s shaddow boxing animation recently blogged, he has developed it further into a boxing game. You are the fighter on the left (gray with red gloves) with the computer player on the right (green with blue gloves).   The keys to control your fighter are shown below. Left, Right……walking Up, Down……weaving Space key…..punching…


Small Basic: Rotate Triangle and Line

Once I wrote an article about how to rotate Shapes not from the center on TechNet Wiki.  And that article was featured on this blog.  That article was for Rectangle and Ellipse. Today I will introduce about rotation for Triangle and Line.   Rotation Center Rectangle and Ellipse are rotated from their center.  But Triangle…


Shapes Editor 1.7b – Small Basic Featured Program

I published Shapes 1.7b (XFZ657-16) yesterday.  This program is a shapes (picture) editor.  I’d like to talk about this new version. New Features There are two new points in 1.7b. Added grid feature – [Grid] toggles grid display Changed window size to 598 x 428 pixels The grid step is 10 pixels.  This will allow…