Flags in Small Basic

A word flag has a meaning of a variable which contains a logical value. But today, I'd like to introduce flag graphics drawn with Small Basic.

I found three threads in Small Basic forum about following 15 flags.  Creating programs to draw flags may be good practices for graphics. How about adding your flags into a thread?  You can see many flags here.

The first thread is project: state banner written by martmen in June 2010.
SCL615 Germany by martmen
RXG926 Brazil by Kroltan
FSJ613 India by Vijaye Raji
GFZ423 North Korea by martmen
BHC940-1 USA by Rushworks
SCL615-0 Norway by Danair
GWG872 A 13-star variant of USA by Math Man
HNC322 Sun of Kazakhstan by Math Man [*]
SZR216 Russia by nickAmsterdam
RHH485 Scotland by litdev
NHZ085-0 Japan by Nonki Takahashi

The second one is in Challenge of the Month - July 2012.
HZZ916-0 USA by NaochanON
RNW591 Japan by Nonki Takahashi
HGS098 Mongolia by Nonki Takahashi

The last one is in Challenge of the Month - November 2013
FCF037 Olympic by Nonki Takahashi

[*] A flag of Kazakhstan above is not completed. Now I'm trying to complete this flag. If I completed, I'm going to post it to here.

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  1. Simple idea, but it's a fantastic exercise!

  2. Croatian flag by Tryhest: KLT327 (needs LitDev Extension)
    Thanks, Tryhest.

  3. Tom says:

    Do british flag

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