99 Bottles of Rootbeer (Small Basic Featured Program)

In our August challenge:


We had a...

Challenge from Nonki:

  • Create a 99 Bottles of Beer program.


NaochanON's solution:


1st way

Mes="0= no more ;1= bottle of beer ;2= bottles of beer;3= on the wall ;4= Take one down and pass it around, ;5= Go to the store and buy some more, "
CRLF= Text.GetCharacter(13)+Text.GetCharacter(10)
For i=99 To 2 Step -1
  TextWindow.WriteLine(i+Mes[Math.Min(i,2)]+Mes[3]+", "+i+Mes[Math.Min(i,2)]+"."+CRLF+Mes[4]+(i-1)+Mes[Math.Min(i-1,2)]+Mes[3]+"."+CRLF+CRLF)
TextWindow.WriteLine(i+Mes[Math.Min(i,2)]+Mes[3]+", "+i+Mes[Math.Min(i,2)]+"."+CRLF+Mes[4]+Mes[Math.Min(i-1,2)]+mes[2]+Mes[3]+"."+CRLF+CRLF)
TextWindow.WriteLine(Mes[0]+Mes[2]+mes[3]+", "+Mes[0]+Mes[2]+"."+CRLF+Mes[5]+" 99"+Mes[2]+mes[3]+".")

2nd way

For i=99 To 1 Step -1
  Mes="0= no more bottles;1="+i+" bottle;2="+i+" bottles;3= of beer ;4= on the wall ;5= Take one down and pass it around, ;6= Go to the store and buy some more, "
  Mes2="0= no more bottles;1="+(i-1)+" bottle ;2="+(i-1)+" bottles;3="+Text.GetCharacter(13)+Text.GetCharacter(10)
  TextWindow.WriteLine(Mes[Math.Min(i,2)]+Mes[3]+Mes[4]+", "+Mes[Math.Min(i,2)]+Mes[3]+"."+Mes2[3]+Mes[5]+Mes2[Math.Min(i-1,2)]+Mes[3]+Mes[4]+"."+Mes2[3]+Mes2[3])
TextWindow.WriteLine(Mes[Math.Min(i,2)]+mes[3]+Mes[4]+", "+Mes[Math.Min(i,2)]+mes[3]+"."+Mes2[3]+Mes[6]+" 99 bottles of beer on the wall.")



Special thanks to LitDev for hosting the challenge, to Nonki for providing this challenge, and to NaochanON for the solution! Check out NaochanON's MSDN profile:



Here are some other 99 bottles of Beer programs:

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Take Small Basic down and pass it around!

   - Ninja Ed

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