Small Basic Marionette – Sign up for the Big Challenge for September 2014!!!

This thread is for recruiting contributors to a new group challenge that's coming from the Monthly Challenges, for September 2014.


Group Challenge

  1. Apply in this thread to create a group (with two or more people) until Aug. 31.
  2. During the month of September, you'll create a marionette (or puppet) per group which can be moved by user interaction until Sep. 30.

Picture of a marionette


Here are parts you can sign up for this project:

  • to design a marionette (or puppet) graphics
  • to design user interface
  • to code motion dynamics engine
  • to be a coder
  • to write prototype program


Please sign up for the September Big Challenge in this thread.


Thanks to Nonki Takahashi for hosting this contest!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (1)

  1. Special thanks to Nonki for driving this challenge!

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