Small Basic – Controls are Shapes

All of the Controls (Buttons, TextBoxes etc) that can be created with the Controls object can be manipulated with the Shapes object methods.

This can create some fun effects and make your games or programs more visually interesting.

Here is a simple example - it is possible to click it, but pretty hard!

gw = 600
gh = 600
GraphicsWindow.Width = gw
GraphicsWindow.Height = gh
clickMe = Controls.AddButton("Click Me",0,0)
GraphicsWindow.MouseMove = OnMouseMove
Controls.ButtonClicked = OnButtonClicked
Sub OnMouseMove
  x = Math.Abs(gw-GraphicsWindow.MouseX)
  y = Math.Abs(gh-GraphicsWindow.MouseY)
  dist = Math.SquareRoot((x-gw/2)*(x-gw/2)+(y-gh/2)*(y-gh/2))
Sub OnButtonClicked
  GraphicsWindow.BackgroundColor = "Red"


Comments (4)

  1. Don't fall for the trap! Don't click the big "Click Me" button! =^)

  2. litdev says:

    Ha – Didn't think of that.

  3. I could clicked this button!  If you succeed, you can see red background.

  4. I keep trying to click the button in the game, and I still can't click it!

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