Small Basic LitDev Extension — Download Now from TechNet Gallery!!!

Small Basic LitDev Extension View LitDev’s TechNet Gallery contributions  View LitDev’s Profile   Download the LitDev Extension : Small Basic LitDev Extension   It has loads of extra functionality with over 40 new objects and over 700 methods, properties and events; including 2D physics, 3D rendering, controls, dialogs, graphing, statistics, matrices, lists, sorting and searching…


Small Basic Survival Guide – Got anything to add?

I’m creating this survival guide: Small Basic Survival Guide   A Survival Guide is a list of resource links that you can go to in addition to the existing TechNet Wiki articles. To see all of the TechNet Wiki articles, see Wiki: Small Basic Portal. Please add links to helpful additional Small Basic related resources (basically…


Small Basic Game Programming – Separation Between Data And Procedure

Last week, I introduced a text adventure game.  If I expand the game story of that manner as in the program, the program will have a lot of If statements and Goto statements.   Today, I will introduce rewritten program with less If and Goto statements.  The updated version is published as FCD758-1, Main Main part…


Small Basic – Clearing Turtle Trails

With the current version of Small Basic, the trails left by the turtle cannot be easily cleared.  We may want to remove the trails because we are starting the turtle off again and want a clear screen or if the number of trails is very large the program will slow. One obvious option would be…


Small Basic Guru – June Winners: LitDev, Jibba Jabba, & Nonki Takahashi!!!

Congrats to LitDev, Jibba Jabba, and Nonki! Great articles this month!  Small Basic Technical Guru – June 2014     litdev Small Basic: Sprite Arrays Ed Price: “An important topic that’s well described with fantastic examples! Great article!” Michiel Van Hoorn: “Great starter for Sprite Fundamentals and how to handle them. Briljant start point for greating you 2D shooter”…


Small Basic Game Programming – Text adventure

Once I have answered a question in Small Basic Forum by Jeffrey SWHS about Text Adventure Game.  At that time, I made a sample text adventure program.  That program (FCD758-0) is not completed.  But I will explain about the program this time.  And until the next time I’d like to refine and upgrade this text adventure….


Small Basic – Triangle Challenge

One of this month’s challenges was set by Nonki – “Draw a picture of a regular triangle”. Here are some of the solutions:  By Athasak, QQK823 This answer was shown to not be an exact equilateral triangle by Nonki and have the side ratios below.  Another by Athasak after some corrections, GFS579  By Pappa Lapub,…


Small Basic – Promoted in Portuguese!

It’s fantastic to see Small Basic enjoyed by the Portuguese community, so we’re going to highlight two blog posts…     Sexta-Feira – Atualização Internacional da Comunidade – Artigos sobre Small Basic From back in May, Hezequias highlighted some great Small Basic articles from Nonki… O destaque desta semana vai para Nonki Takahashi que escreveu…


Introducing Small Basics Monthly Challenge Statistics.

Today I’d like to introduce Small Basics Monthly Challenge Statistics. They are provided for anyone who’s interested in community traffic in the challenge forum threads. They are updateable, responsive to community demand and sourced from the metrics displayed with each thread. The idea to report these stats originates from the community and the Challenges themselves…


Small Basic Game Programming – Let’s start with RPS game

I’m going to write about game programming in Small Basic for several weeks on this blog.  For the first time, I’d like to pick up simple text base RPS (Rock-Paper-Scissors) game. Main loop This code is the main loop of this game.  Lines 4-6 are one game.  And While condition is always “True”, so this…