Small Basic and Office Suite

Today, I'd like to talk about the relationship between Microsoft Small Basic and Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).  Following articles are my samples.  If you find more attractive collaboration between Small Basic and Office, please let me know.

I used Office 2013 desktop version.  Other Office versions may have some limitation for articles here.



If you create CSV (comma separated value) file with Small Basic program, the file can be read from Excel as a spread sheet.  Following thread in Small Basic Forum shows a sample.

Small Basic Forum: Your Program Database


There is an Excel extension library created by jsakamoto.  This extension has four operations and one property to access Excel workbook directly from Small Basic program.

CodePlex: Excel Library for Small Basic


Print Small Basic Code

You can copy and paste your code from Small Basic IDE to Word and then you can print the code to your printer.  I recommend to use 10 pt for the code font size in Word. 


I wrote little bit about this in this blog.  To create image for your program, PowerPoint is very useful.  At first, Drawing tool in PowerPoint has an ability to save your shapes as PNG file.  Before export, that will be good to group your shapes.  And I recommend you to use zooming 160% to draw in PowerPoint so that you can get approximately the same size of image in your Small Basic program.  Following link is to my sample of PowerPoint file for Small Basic programming.

TechNet Gallery: Small Basic: Another Turtle Project: PowerPoint Presentation

VBA Shapes Object

The second reason - why PowerPoint is useful - is that there are powerful VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) methods to manipulate shapes.  I'm expecting to share pictures with shapes objects between Small Basic program and PowerPoint presentation.  Following site is a page of PowerPoint 2013 VBA reference.

Office Dev Center: Shapes.AddShape Method (PowerPoint)

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  1. litdev says:

    VBA itself is a great language to start working with after a bit of Small Basic if you have MS Office (e.g. in EXCEL using the VBA MACROs – the MACRO recorder is a good way to start).

  2. Yes, I found [VIEW] [Macro] [Record Macro] menu in Excel 2013.  That is very useful to know VBA.  Thanks litdev.

  3. I've uploaded a sample that converts Small Basic shapes code (created by Shapes editor) to PowerPoint VBA.

  4. james says:

    I don’t get what small basic is make you page better please that would be so helpful
    thank you

    1. Hi james. Some text and some graphics can be share between Small Basic and Office. So, Office helps to create Small Basic program. and Small Basic helps to create Office documents.

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