Vertical Scrolling Games

In Challenge of the Month – April 2014, we’ve got 5 vertical scrolling games as game challenge entries.

The challenge was as follows.

Game Challenge

  1. Write a vertical scrolling game with obstacles that appear from above and move down.  The player must dodge the obstacles by using arrow keys, probably just left and right.

As the result, this challenge was very successful because it’s not so difficult and the resolution programs’ sizes are compact (from 57 to 369 source lines).  I recommend you to create such vertical
scrolling game to learn programming.

By the way, the challenge of this month gives us the platform game challenge.  Let’s have fun with this kind of short game programming!

And thank you litdev and programmers for your attractive challenges and resolutions every month.


Candyrain by Athasak

Program ID: KDQ877 (369 lines)

Colorful Dodge Ball by OzJerry

Program ID: GNQ946 (295 lines)


Dodge This!!! by NaochanON

Program ID: TWN285-0 (57 lines)


Space Fall by ProfessionalOfSmallBasic

Program ID:  WGF193 (93 lines)


Turtle Dodger by Nonki Takahashi

Program ID: QZN342-3 (185 lines)

Comments (4)

  1. Athasak says:

    Hahahaha…. mine is the worst! (ahahaha….)

  2. Athasak,

    But you picked an awesome name!

  3. My top score in Turtle Dodger is 146! Ha!

    Does it get faster as you go (like Tetris)?

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