The Developer’s Reference Guide to Small Basic – The First 5 Chapters

So a good Reference Guide is always appreciated!

And that's why Phil Conrod was good enough to write one for us and then to allow us to upload the first five chapters!


You can find the first five chapters on TechNet Wiki:

1. Introducing Small Basic 

2. Overview of Small Basic Programming 

3. Program Object 

4. TextWindow Object 

5. GraphicsWindow Object 


The Developer’s Reference Guide

These chapters are adapted from the book The Developer’s Reference Guide To Microsoft Small Basic by Philip Conrod and Lou Tylee.

To purchase this book in its entirety, please see the Computer Science For Kids web site.


Thank you!

   - Ninja Ed

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  1. I just updated the link to the Computer Science for Kids page. It was broken. I updated it to this page:…/CompleteMicrosoftSmallBasicProgrammingReferenceGuide.aspx


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