Small Basic Featured Game – Death Valley by GoToLoop

From Jibba Jabba...


"I'd like feature GoToLoop's conversion of "Death Valley" for the TextWindow.

It's a classic piece of code that demonstrates advanced use of the TextWindow producing an informative code sample and very playable game.

It uses multi-threading (parallel processing) to "overcome the lack of an InKey() analogous function for the TextWindow" and demonstrates the rarely used Program Arguments operation and property, and, File.GetSettingsFilePath() operation.

Here's the Import ID KTX387-2  and link

Runs locally. Mad."

Thank you to GoToLoop for the great contribution to our community!

   - Ninja Ed


Comments (1)

  1. "You've crashed into a ravine wall and got disintegrated!"

    – I hate getting disintegrated! That's the worst!

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