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Small Basic: Dynamic Graphics


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Advanced Collisions

To get sprites to bounce off each other realistically can be complicated.  Basically we need to do the collision in a center of mass reference frame using geometry like the figure below, then convert from the center of mass frame back to the actual frame.

This is an example implementation of this in Small Basic.

Sub CollisionCheck
  For i = 1 To Ball_Number-1
    For j = i+1 To Ball_Number
      dx = Ball_X[i] - Ball_X[j]
      dy = Ball_Y[i] - Ball_Y[j]
      Distance = Math.SquareRoot(dx * dx + dy * dy)
      If Distance < Ball_Diameter Then
        Cx = (Ball_vX[i]+ball_vX[j])/2
        Cy = (Ball_vY[i]+ball_vY[j])/2
        Relative_vX[i] = Ball_vX[i] - Cx
        Relative_vY[i] = Ball_vY[i] - Cy
        Relative_vX[j] = Ball_vX[j] - Cx
        Relative_vY[j] = Ball_vY[j] - Cy
        Nx = dx / Distance
        Ny = dy / Distance
        L[i] = Nx * Relative_vX[i] + Ny * Relative_vY[i]
        L[j] = Nx * Relative_vX[j] + Ny * Relative_vY[j]
        Relative_vX[i] = Relative_vX[i] - (2 * L[i] * Nx)
        Relative_vY[i] = Relative_vY[i] - (2 * L[i] * Ny)
        Relative_vX[j] = Relative_vX[j] - (2 * L[j] * Nx)
        Relative_vY[j] = Relative_vY[j] - (2 * L[j] * Ny)
        Ball_vX[i] = (Relative_vX[i] + Cx)
        Ball_vY[i] = (Relative_vY[i] + Cy)
        Ball_vX[j] = (Relative_vX[j] + Cx)
        Ball_vY[j] = (Relative_vY[j] + Cy)  
        Ball_X[i] = Ball_X[i] + Nx * (Ball_Diameter-Distance)
        Ball_Y[i] = Ball_Y[i] + Ny * (Ball_Diameter-Distance)
        Ball_X[j] = Ball_X[j] - Nx * (Ball_Diameter-Distance)
        Ball_Y[j] = Ball_Y[j] - Ny * (Ball_Diameter-Distance)

If this is not clear then perhaps avoid this or consider trying using a physics engine to do it for you, such as the LDPhysics (Box2D) method.





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Thanks again to LitDev!

   - Ninja Ed

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