Small Basic is FREE!!!

Yeah, it's free. Give yourself a gift. Or give a kid a future in computer software that they might not otherwise have. Just click:

What is Small Basic? Well... Small Basic is Fun, Simple, Social, & Gradual.

And these resources will guide you. Ten year olds have used these resources on their own to learn Small Basic:


Maybe you want to see what people have been doing with it first...

Small Basic Program Gallery (listed by Category)

Small Basic Extension Gallery

Small Basic Student Testimonies - 47 students, from age 8-13, explain how easily they learned Small Basic and how great it is.


Maybe you're ready to engage with the community...

   Small Basic Forum

   Small Basic on TechNet Wiki (all articles)

   Small Basic Site



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Comments (10)

  1. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hasn't SmallBasic been free for more than a year?

  2. anonymouscommenter says:

    Why is it a pain to install? Why is it looking for some old version of net. framework?

  3. David, yes. Like all news, this is news if it is news to you. Otherwise, it's olds.

  4. Blaine, that's a good point. I would expect the Getting Started Guide to start with installation instructions.

  5. anonymouscommenter says:

    Which of net framework

  6. Scratch that. It does mention the Framework requirement here:

    "After installation and trying to start, you may see an error message that announces Small Basic cannot be started. If this occurs, try downloading and installing the latest version of the Microsoft .NET framework at:…/aa569263.aspx"  

  7. Ahmet, so you must have .NET Framework 3.5.1 installed and turned on. That's in addition to any more recent version.

    We're updating the Wiki pages to make this clearer. Thanks!

  8. Ahmet and Blaine, I added these instructions about the .NET Framework to these two articles in the "Install Small Basic" section:…/16060.small-basic-getting-started-guide-chapter-1-an-introduction.aspx…/16302.small-basic-curriculum-lesson-1-1-introduction.aspx

    So I think that would cover new users. Thanks!

  9. I updated the Download button to go to our Download page, which shows your options:…/

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