Small Basic Guru in August – Nonki’s "Small Basic: Parser Generator"

Congrats to Nonki for winning the Small Basic Guru gold medal for August:


Guru Award  Small Basic Technical Guru - August 2013  

Gold Award Winner


Nonki Takahashi Small Basic: Parser Generator Peter Laker: "There can only be one...!"
Ed Price: "Wow. Those diagrams leave me speechless. One article, and it's amazing! Fantastic job!"
RZ: "It's very nicely done. Beautiful diagram. It is really helpful for new comers to programming."

Nuff said in the comments I think! Thank you Nonki for supporting this category for August!


What's a Parser?

Parser is a program which analyzes program language syntax and does something. That will be a compiler, an interpreter, a program formatter, a program converter, or etc.

For example, calculator accepts expressions for it's input.  The expression will be analyzed as follows.  That is parsing. 

Read the full article here:

Small Basic: Parser Generator


Thanks to Nonki for contributing the great article!

- Ninja Ed

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