Small Basic FAQ – Featured Article

Find the latest and complete article here: Small Basic FAQ The original content comes from the Small Basic founder, Vijaye.   Read these frequently asked questions (FAQ) to learn more about Small Basic and if it’s the right program for you!   What is Small Basic? Small Basic is a project that is focused at…


Swinging Pendulum – Small Basic Physics Challenge

Today’s featured program is a missile commander game from NaochanON.  Here’s the game:  FWR293-1 This was one of the September Small Basic Challenges…                      Physics Challenge Make a pendulum that swings as accurately as possible   Using your mouse, click and hold the yellow circle, move it, release it.   * Acceleration arrow image is added.   What do…


Small Basic Guru in August – Nonki’s "Small Basic: Parser Generator"

Congrats to Nonki for winning the Small Basic Guru gold medal for August:    Small Basic Technical Guru – August 2013     Nonki Takahashi Small Basic: Parser Generator Peter Laker: “There can only be one…!” Ed Price: “Wow. Those diagrams leave me speechless. One article, and it’s amazing! Fantastic job!” RZ: “It’s very nicely done. Beautiful diagram….


A Missile Commander Game – Small Basic Featured Program

Today’s featured program is a missile commander game from NaochanON.  Here’s the game:  SKL606 Download sounds ( missile ,alarm , bomb explosion ) from here . And save them in your “”.   This game is part of the September Small Basic Monthly Challenges:    Enjoy playing and thanks to NaochanON!    – Ninja Ed    


Small Basic Challenges of the Month – September 2013

These challenges are intended for people who are learning to program for the first time or for those returning to programming who want to start using Small Basic.  Some will be easy, some will be hard – but they will all make you think, and more importantly be GREAT FUN! Please post your solutions / partial solutions…


You could be September’s Small Basic Guru!

You could be September’s TechNet Guru! Turbo charge your CV with awards and interviews! Get noticed!                                    Show us your forum solutions or drop us some nifty snippets and become MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY GURU OF THE MONTH! This is an official Microsoft TechNet recognition, where people such as yourselves can truly get noticed!   If you spend any amount…


Eora Duck Hunt – Small Basic Featured Game

New game in Jibba Jabba’s words:   It only runs locally, NOT in the browser. You can import using id  XCC705-1 Or here’s the browser link for a quick look, but it won’t run in the browser: It’s called Eora Duck Hunt because that’s the Australian Aboriginal language group I belong to. It also…