Duck Shoot – Featured Small Basic Challenges

In the August Challenges...

Game Challenge

Write a DuckShoot game.


Interface Challenge

Write a fancy Game Opening screen for DuckShoot game - see above.


We'll start with the opening screens...


 Nonki Takahashi's opening screen features a moving crosshairs: TLR995.

Screen shot of Opening for DuckShoot


And NaochanON also had a good opening screen:

See the animation here.

Next, Jibba Jabba took a first pass at a Duckshoot game. In his words...

Here's my 1st build for the Duck Shoot Challenge. Runs well in the browser or local.

I've kept it simple (not all the details) so that I can build in some more features like multiple ducks and rapid fire. Then i'll add some nice colours, scores and some sound effects. Has on screen game play instructions (please) and captions for late nite play or hard of hearing.


And thanks to LitDev or making the challenges!

  - Ninja Ed

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