Starfield Simulator – Small Basic Featured Program

It’s time to feature a new program!   Florian Auer created this Starfield Simulator:   JJS099     Florian’s profile image:       You can increase/decrease the speed with the UP/DOWN key up to 60. And if you get to 31, then you enter hyperspace! And don’t go to 51 if you have epilepsy! =^)    …


Small Basic Featured Article – IDE Colors

I’m featuring an article from Nonki: Small Basic: IDE Colors   That was based on this thread from Danair and Nonki:     These are text colors and the background color used in Small Basic IDE (Integrated Development Environment). #7777FF for Keywords #800000 for Operators and “the dot between Object and Properties/Events/Operations” #000000 for…


Beginning Small Basic – Review by Lisa N and her 3 kids from Golden Grasses

It’s time for a guest blogger!   Today’s guest blogger is Lisa N from Golden Grasses! Her three kids, Feeche (12th grade), Cub (7th grade), and Flower (5th grade) learned it with no programming experience. In Lisa’s words…       Having the chance to test drive Beginning Microsoft Small Basic from Computer Science for Kids has…


Beginning Small Basic – Review by Lisa and Amber

It’s time for a guest blogger!   Today’s guest blogger is Lisa McClanahan from The McClanahan 7. Her daughter, Amber, learned Small Basic…   In this day and age everything is run by a computer. I’m sure that will continue into the future & more than likely my kids will have to use them in…


Small Basic – How to Create an Extension Using VB.NET

It’s time for another guest blogger! This one is from Noah Buscher. Find the latest version of this article on TechNet Wiki: Small Basic: How to Create an Extension Using VB.NET   This article is about how to create a simple extension that you can build on for Small Basic (Microsoft). To get started you will…


Graduate to C# from Small Basic – Featured Article

LitDev wrote this fantastic article about graduating to C# from Small Basic: Small Basic: Graduate to C#     Here is an except from that article:     Conversion First we create a Small Basic exe and then convert it to a Visual Studio project. Create a Small Basic exe The first thing we need…


Duck Shoot – Featured Small Basic Challenges

In the August Challenges… Game Challenge Write a DuckShoot game.   Interface Challenge Write a fancy Game Opening screen for DuckShoot game – see above.   We’ll start with the opening screens…    Nonki Takahashi’s opening screen features a moving crosshairs: TLR995.   And NaochanON also had a good opening screen: See the animation here….


Nonki Takahashi’s Shapes Editor – Small Basic Guru for July

Nonki Takahashi is our Small Basic TechNet Guru for July! See the TechNet Guru Contributions for July 2013.      About Nonki: I am an amateur programmer.  I used to program with one of BASIC language on an 8-bit micro computer when I was a college student.  In 2010, I started to program with Microsoft Small Basic.  And…


Small Basic Overview on TechNet Wiki

Noah gave a pass on writing up a Small Basic overview article, so I’d like to share it with you:   Small Basic   It’s already been translated into two other languages!   Small Basic   Table of Contents (links go to the Wiki Article)   Extensions Community Let’s Start Additional Resources   Web Pages…


Small Basic – Control Statements (featured article)

Check out another great article from Nonki: Small Basic: Control Statements     Here’s an excerpt from it:   If statement If statement or If clause is for making conditional branch.  If you’d like to show “AM” or “PM” by checking clock, following code and chart are for that.  There is another keyword “ElseIf” for…