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Development Map for Becoming a Good Programmer Using Small Basic and MSDN


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Jibba Jabba is Rick Murphy - He began with Small Basic in Dec 2012.  


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Maintaining your enthusiasm

Learning requires the desire to learn. For as long as you’re learning to program you’ll need to regularly revise your goals and how you set about achieving them. This will help ensure your enthusiasm is always there. Maintaining your enthusiasm is vital so that you can go on to learn and gain a deep understanding of several different languages suitable for different purposes. This deep understanding of varying languages is essentially what a good programmer has. The best programmers will push the limits of a language using creative and simple methods and not necessarily spend all of their time learning all of them.

Setting and Using your Goals

Setting goals is your map to becoming a good programmer. A good goal is flexible, realistic and practical. Learn to become a ‘pragmatic programmer’ by first learning how to set useful goals.

Goals reflect ones ambitions and are closely followed by your approach. Try to keep your programs simple. Good programming is often the simplest and most direct solution to a problem.

Your goals will need continual fine tuning and adjustment. Often is the case when starting out that the time estimated to complete a task is underestimated. Adjustments also allow for unexpected related learning. For example you may need to refresh your algebra, trig and equation solving skills along the way. Goals will provide you with morale building feedback on how you’re going.







You can find the full article here:

Development Map for Becoming a Good Programmer Using Small Basic and MSDN



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