Small Basic July Challenges!

Check out the July challenges and respond to them here:

There are a huge number of July challenges! Here they are...


Curriculum Challenge 2.1

(1) Write a program that draws 5 randomly positioned and sized red rectangles on a blue background.

(2) Draw a picture of a car using rectangles, ellipses and lines.

(3) Draw a map of your local area.

Basic Challenge 1

Write a program where the user enters 5 numbers and you calculate the sum (all added), product (all multiplied) and average.

Basic Challenge 2

Write a program with 4 buttons, one in each corner or the GraphicsWindow.  They will:

  • Change the background colour
  • Make a sound
  • Show an image in the middle of the GraphicsWindow
  • Clear the GraphicsWindow, but not the buttons!

Intermediate Challenge 1

Write a program using the Controls methods to create a booking form for a hotel and store the results to a file to be printed.

Data fields include:

  • Name
  • Arrival date
  • Departure date
  • Number of adults and children
  • Breakfast included or not
  • Special requests

Intermediate Challenge 2

Open a text file, search it for some keywords and output any sentence containing the keywords.

The keywords should be set in another file, read by the program.

Physics Game Challenge

Make a simple table air hockey game for 2 players.

Maths Challenge

Write a program to calculate the sum of the first 100 prime numbers.

Graphics Challenge

Draw an animation of a walking man.

Community Suggestion 1 (By Timo So)

Write a program that creates SmallBasic programs.

The user can input a set of commands like:

file C:\test.txt open
file C:\test.txt delete
image C:\test.jpg show

Your program will check for keywords and create a new SmallBasic program file that performs the operation and can be opened an run by SmallBasic.

Community Suggestion 2 (By Nonki)

(1) Make a head (or tail) command which the UNIX system has.

(2) Draw (or fill) a round-rectangle with parameters x, y, width, height and border-radius.


So head on over and check them out... 


Have fun!

 - Ninja Ed



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