String Searcher – Small Basic Featured Program

Today's featured program is "Single Character String Searcher" by Jibba Jabba.

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You'll have to run the program locally for the "Esc" key to work (works fine online up to that point).


Import: XMX755


  • A colourful Interactive Program that searches any String for a given character.
  • "Quick Input Mode"
  • stores results in a multidimensional variable
  • uses relevant character codes
  • and a friendly UI.


You type a string, press Enter, and then it asks you to type a character. Press ESC when you're done.

2nd screen:

3rd screen, after you hit ESC:

Jibba Jabba (Rick) wrote it to try out ways for "as fast as possible" mass data entry. So minimal key presses.


It can be expanded to limit the search criteria to more than 1 character and possibly search a DB field from a txt file.

Would you like to see an updated/expanded version? Leave a comment!

Thanks to Rick for writing the app!

   - Ninja Ed

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