Does Small Basic support Extensions?

What is the extensibility story? Is Small Basic Extensible?

The Small Basic compiler and the environment allow 3rd party Small Basic libraries to be plugged in to extend the possibilities of what you can do from within Small Basic.


Here is a list of the Small Basic Extensions:

Small Basic Extensions Gallery


Would you like to learn how to create an extension for Small Basic?

Small Basic: How to Create an Extension Using C# - by Liam McSherry

Small Basic: How to Create an Extension Using VB.NET - by Noah Buscher  



Have you used or created extensions for Small Basic? Are they listed on the Extensions Gallery (link above)?



   - Ninja Ed

Comments (7)

  1. hut be phot, sua may tinh, gian phoi thong minh

  2. anonymouscommenter says:

    Nice !!

    I' m too far, yet but at future

    Ii hope to learn VB.NET


  3. That's great, Carlos!

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Wasn't there a way to create SmallBasic extensions with SmallBasic, too?

  5. TImo,

    Yes, it was created by Fremy Company quite a long time ago.  With his permission I updated it to run with the current version and can be downloaded from my website '' in the 'Other Resource Downloads' section titled 'SmallBasic extension compiler'.

  6. litdev, the extension file on your website is corrupt.

  7. UPDATE: Go to the Gallery for the latest links to the extensions:…/small-basic-extensions-gallery.aspx

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