Naochan Pong – Small Basic Feature Game

I'm naming this after the creator, NaochanON.

Play the game here:




It's a version of Pong, where you play against the computer, and then there's a barrier in the middle that's moving. Plus add the gameplay mechanic of the ball steadily speeding up and you have an addictive and challenging game!

From NaochanOn:

"My blog is "". (Written in Japanese.  but you can understand program code.  XD)"

From Jibba Jabba:

The program runs well - very smooth and playable.

Also liked how it was written, easy to read and learn from.


Thanks to Jibba Jabba for nominating the game here:


- Ninja Ed

Comments (2)

  1. Thank you for nominating this game.  Hope everyone enjoy it.

  2. Well I had a blast with it! You're bringing us back to the 80s! Nintendo's first console was a package system of pong-like games like this (no cartridges yet; the games were built into the system).

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