What is the Best Programming Language to Learn?

Today's guest blogger is Jibba Jabba (Rick Murphy)...

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About Rick Murphy... amateur programmer. Began with Small Basic in Dec 2012. Last job was as a kitchen supervisor for 8 years. Now taking a break. Like cooking, love programming.

Rick wrote this great bit about what programming language you should learn...




After doing a bit of reading it seems a lot of teachers at all levels, school to university/college level, have observed that one of the most common questions a student asks is:

"What is the best programming language to learn?"

So far (as a nOOb for 4 months) I've learnt a more useful question to ask would be? "What do I need the language to do?"

Define and clarify your objective then select a language designed for that kind of task. You'll most likely go on to learn several languages suitable for different purposes (paradigms) and each one will become easier to learn as your experience builds. Practice = Experience.

e.g. if you want to code firmware for a new 3d TV or something like that then you might choose a language like C, as it is close to the hardware. But this kind of language requires at lot of skill and prior experience to code in.

So if your objective is to learn how to become a good programmer and you're new to the wonderful world of programming or returning after a considerable break, then it's wise to select a language designed specifically for that task.

Small basic is a high level and considerably powerful language simplified for that purpose. It is simplified and as a result makes the programmer work out ways of doing things that might otherwise be a feature in another language. It provides a good grounding for skills that you'll need to be a good programmer. Totally suitable for all ages.

nOOb Alert: If you don't agree with any of this or think is inaccurate in anyway pls reply. I've only been back into programming for 4 months, but this what I've read and now share.




If you'd like to agree/disagree with Rick, please go check out the forum thread on this subject:





   - Ninja Ed

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  1. Hi Ed

    Jidda authorized me to translate his article into Spanish

    Some articles of the blog as so  good

    that would deserve appear in English and Spanish

    I offer to translate


  2. Great. Carlos, did you post it on your own Small Basic blog? I can link to it.


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