How to teach yourself programming in Two Words!!!

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  1. Alright, so this blog post is based on the conversation this forum thread (…/57d21a4b-960c-4f09-95bc-b424aaf84cfa). Don't believe me that you/anyone can teach themselves/yourself programming with Small Basic? Well, start by reading this list of 8-13 year olds who learned Small Basic (…/small-basic-elementary-student-testimonials.aspx)… many were self-taught.

  2. World's shortest blog post! Ha!

  3. Jibba Jabba says:

    Short blog but I think a question most people would ask themselves when starting out. Thanks for blogging it.

    And from doing a bit of reading on this topic there seems to be 2 questions that people often ask:

    1. What does it take? (being discussed in this blog's link)

    2. What's the best programming language to learn? (coming up). 🙂

  4. Jibba Jabba, keep it coming! You're making us think! =^)

    What's the best programming language to learn……/e22ddc96-a46c-4df6-a066-cef92f47ad30

  5. anonymouscommenter says:

    do you know a small basic programme

  6. anonymouscommenter says:

    The real power is the link behind the two words – which you knew, but perhaps you didn't know how helpful it was. I had used the curriculum as a reference for further learning in a intro to programming summer course that I informally teach to local highschoolers. I was disappointed to find that the link I previous had was dead, and was even more disappointed to see that even the Getting Started Guide (…/hh304480.aspx) online link ended up just redirecting to I appreciate you pointing out the new home for the curriculum.

  7. Edward Brey,

    Small Basic Getting Started Guide is here now:…/16059.small-basic-getting-started-guide.aspx

    Today I was working on getting the links on the site updated too. I'll let you know when that's done.


  8. It's done! Quite awhile ago, but the links are all updated now:

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