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Learn all about Small Basic by using the curriculum. With the curriculum, you can lean Small Basic with separate lessons – just like you would in a classroom. You can download the curriculum, which includes PowerPoint decks to teach from. As a teacher or as a student learning Small Basic on your own, the curriculum will guide you step by step.


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Small Basic Curriculum



   – Ninja Ed

Comments (17)

  1. CodeWizardKid1 says:

    Nice Blog Post Ed! I was wondering, would it be possible to store Small BASIC on a USB Thumb drive and code on the go?

  2. User Ed says:


    Small Basic is compatible with Windows 8. So "Yes". What device were you thinking of?

  3. CodeWizardKid1 says:

    A Mac because i'm getting one soon. I still wanna program in SB so that's why I asked. Also please look at my reply on "The Arrow can see you" Blog Post about the question you asked me.

  4. CodeWizardKid1 says:

    Oh and an smartphone. That would be cool to code SB on a phone.

  5. CodeWizardKid1 says:

    Also Ed. Would it be theoretically possible to do like a Weather Simulator? Like the program would demonstrate the seasons, storms, etc. I think it would be fun to try. Also never mind about "The Arrow can see you" I will just tell you

    My Reply to your question to me on "The Arrow can see you" Blog Post:

    It's really not that hard. I like it. I am learning Javascript now. It is really valuable. So yes it did lead me to learn other programming languages. I really like it.


  6. User Ed says:

    We haven't tested with a Mac. Please let us know how well it works!

    Weather applications have been attempted. I'd love to see how you go about it. Weather in USA:…/program

  7. CodeWizardKid1 says:

    A Weather application actually would be quite simple due to the fact that you could just have a graphics window with a feed that brings in weather reports from a news website (e.g.

  8. CodeWizardKid1 says:

    P.S. I'll be sure to tell you how well it works with a Mac!

  9. CodewizardKid1 says:

    Hey Ed! I have a great idea for Small BASIC. A Coding Competition! Sorta like the Ludum Dare Competition. The Ludum Dare Competition is where Developers (Game developers) have 48 hours to design and code an original game with only a theme to start with (the theme is selected by the people who hold the Ludum Dare). Once the 48 hours are over the competitors submit their entry and then the Judges decide who wins. If we make something like that I suggest we post it on the Blog! I have a name picked out for it already. You can use it if you want to. The name is: The Microsoft Small BASIC Code-a-thon! If you will consider the idea. I think it could be a cool thing to do! Also here's a theme that I suggest! The theme is: Jump and Run games.


  10. CodewizardKid1 says:

    Here's more information about the Ludum Dare. Link:…/Ludum_Dare


  11. User Ed says:

    CodewizardKid1, this is great!

    We've done a version of this, led by Nonki, called Small Basic TeamChallenge:…/small-basic-teamchallenge-tower-defense-game-vote-to-see-who-wins.aspx

    Step 1 would be to start a forum thread on the subject in the Small Basic Forums and get people excited about it and to sign up:…/threads

    Let me know here, and I'll pin your thread to get more views. Then you can own and run the progress via the forums with new and updated forum threads (let me know when you start new threads so that I can pin them).

    Then I'll blog about the competition and the progress as you go.

    Also, I love the theme. It's very ambitious, and that's a good thing!

    But I have to warn you, it's a lot of work to motivate people and to keep them interested. That's why there wasn't a TeamChallenge #2 (although the first one was awesome).


  12. Pete Ruckelshaus says:

    The links in the article are broken, they take me to the TechNet "Edit my Profile" page and don't allow me to access the content.  I'm a middle school teacher and would like to use this to teach my students the fundamentals of programming.

  13. User Ed says:

    Pete, which links are broken?

  14. Victor Holob says:

    The Small Basic Curriculum in russian is corrupted.

  15. User Ed says:

    Victor, what's corrupted? Files? Please email the team via smallbasic at Microsoft.


  16. User Ed says:

    And you can email me via edprice at Microsoft. Thanks!

  17. User Ed says:

    Best yet, you can open this as a new question on the Small Basic forum:…/threads

    That will get the most people on it!