The Arrow Can See You – Small Basic Monthly Challenge

For the challenges this month…

March Challenge of the Month


Here is a challenge from Litdev…


Graphical Challenge 2

Write a program with an arrow that rotates to always point towards the mouse.


I’m featuring a solution created by Zock77:



Have a great day!

   – Ninja Ed


Comments (7)

  1. CodeWizardKid1 says:

    Hey Ed I'm a 12 year old and just learned small BASIC I am interested in making the Ancient Egyptian Board game Called Senet. But I have no idea where to start. Any ideas? (To know what Senet is type Senet in the Wikipedia Search Box).

  2. User Ed says:

    CodeWizardKid1, can you ask this in the Forum?…/threads


  3. CodeWizardKid1 says:

    Actually I can't i don't have a microsoft account. Anyways i'm done with that idea.

  4. User Ed says:

    CodeWizardKid1, how hard was it to learn Small Basic? How valuable was it? Did it lead you to learn other software programming?


  5. CodeWizardKid1 says:

    It's really not that hard. I like it. I am learning Java script now. It is really valuable. So yes it did lead me to learn other software programming and Yes it is valuable.


  6. CodeWizardKid1 says:

    I actually won't be able to post here for awhile. I have to train for Soccer season (It starts soon). But i'll check back here about once a week or so.

  7. User Ed says:


    Tim, what country are you in! I hope you do well in soccer!