The Arrow Can See You – Small Basic Monthly Challenge

For the challenges this month… March Challenge of the Month   Here is a challenge from Litdev…   Graphical Challenge 2 Write a program with an arrow that rotates to always point towards the mouse.   I’m featuring a solution created by Zock77: SFP468   Have a great day!    – Ninja Ed  


Create a Metronome in Small Basic – Community Challenge

For our March Challenge of the Month… One of Nonki’s Community Challenges was… (d) Create a metronome.   And NaochanON created a great metronome! Click here to play with it: LWQ467-0   For fun, crank the pitch up to 195, and enjoy! You’d think the arm would fall off when going at that speed! The controls…


Small Basic Abacus – Featured Program

Small Basic Abacus is from Harry Hardjono. Very cool. It even has a sound. Check out the Abucus here: CKX791 Here is what it looks like: I think including the numbers is a nice touch. What do you think? Would you change anything?       – Ninja Ed