Tankinator ver 0.03 – Small Basic Featured Program

Zock77 completed the latest version of Tankinator! It's super addicting! Check it out!

You can get it here:



Features added:

1) Sound was added

2) Random projectiles coming out of turrets bug fixed

3) Added more turrets (There are 10 now)

4) Changed the background picture

5) Added a different type of tank

6) Boosted the game performance


Please give feedback in this forum thread.


I found it far more challenging than version 0.02.

Here's my high score: 5,048,367 points and 424 kills. (Not the 50.8 million points I got in version 0.02, but I think this version is harder.)



I tried my strategy with a higher tip of the arrow. Essentially it's a diagonal line (click the image to see it bigger):


But eventually the tanks broke through and the game ended (click the image to see it bigger):

My new high score is 9,529,304 points and 528 kills:


Have you played it? Leave a comment!

   - Ninja Ed


Comments (4)

  1. Zock77 says:

    The reason that I made it harder is to try to stop the gazillion turrets covering the screen. mainly to help with the game performance

  2. Yeah, that definitely helps keep the performance down.

    I have one more gameplay suggestion that I'll put in the forum thread too… In addition to individually clicking a turret and right clicking a tank to aim at specific tanks. I'd like to just click a tank and have every turret within range to focus on that tank. That would come in handy big time.

    Great additions in this version. Thanks, Zock!

  3. anonymouscommenter says:

    Kannst du mir sagen wie du das Gemacht hast?

  4. Zock77 says:

    Ich habe es mit kleinen basic. dies ist eine Programmiersprache, lernte ich eine Weile zurück. Wenn Sie anfangen, es zu lernen möchten, können Sie es hier herunterladen: http://www.smallbasic.com/

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