Create a Visually Fun Clock – Small Basic Challenge

2/16/13 UPDATE: I added clock #4, Nonki’s Pendulum Clock.



This is another one of our February Small Basic Coding Challenges from LitDev!


Graphical Challenge

Create a visually fun clock.


#1. NaochanON‘s Water Clock:




#2. Math Man‘s Pi Clock:



#3. Nonki Takahashi‘s Triangle Clock:


Screen shot of a program Triangle Clock 0.1


#4. Nonki Takahashi‘s Pendulum Clock:


Screen shot of a program Pendulum Clock 0.1 


What do you think of these crazy clocks? Comment below!

   – Ninja Ed

Comments (7)

  1. First one is great in design and third one great in concept.

  2. User Ed says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Durgesh. I was very suprised by the inventiveness in that Water Clock. The Pi Clock is hilarious to me and both the Pi and Triangle clocks look pretty cool to me.

  3. User Ed says:

    I added Clock #4, Nonki Takahashi's Pendulum Clock.

  4. User Ed says:

    I like how Nonki's Pendulum Clock says "NONKI" on it.

  5. Thanks, NONKI is my brand name : )

  6. Marcus Twyford @COMPUDUCATION says:

    Brilliant stuff!!!

    Thanks Ed, great work with the forum and blog, I am adding SB to a year long curriculum for all my 9th grade intro students!! (135 students)

  7. User Ed says:

    Marcus, that's great! Email me if you haven't yet: edprice at Microsoft. Thanks!