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UPDATES: Added Nonki's heart as Heart #3 on 2/13. Added Nonki's butterfly as Butterfly #3 on 2/11.


Check out our February Small Basic Coding Challenges from LitDev! Community challenges are from Math Man and Amir CPS.


Today we're going to look at two challenges and two programs from each challenge...


Small Challenge 2

Draw a picture of a butterfly.


The first Butterfly is from Math Man:




Our second Butterfly comes from NaochanON:



Our third Butterfly comes from Nonki Takahashi:


Screen shot of a program Monarch Butterfly 0.1




Community Challenge 2 - By Amir CPS

(b) Draw a heart shape and calculate it's area.


This first Heart is from Nonki Takahashi:


Screen shot of a program Herart 0.1


Our second heart comes from NaochanON:

(  area...... r=r+dr,   dS= r*r*dθ/2   θ= 0 -2pi  )



Our third Heart is also from Nonki Takahashi:



Screen shot of a program Heart 0.2

The numerically-integrated area of the Heart Function was very near to pi (circular constant).


Our fourth Heart comes from Math Man (you have to import it and it run locally to get the input to work):



Thanks to everyone for the great contributions! What do you think? How hard is it to draw like this in Small Basic?

Leave a comment!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (14)

  1. Math Man says:

    It's pretty hard to draw shapes in Small Basic manually because you need coordinates and sizes and that involves much data. But then again, programmers are basically the people that handle data, so we're used to it. But this is just my opinion. I am 11 and am not very experienced so maybe someone else's opinion would be better.

  2. anonymouscommenter says:

    I'm 12 and what is this

  3. Math Man says:

    I think you should add Nonki's WXF823 @ smallbasic.com/program

  4. Butterfly of  NaochanON is awesome.

  5. I'm having no luck with the images displaying.

  6. Okay, I added Nonki's butterfly as Butterfly #3.

    Thanks Math Man!

  7. Math Man says:

    The images are working for me.

  8. Math Man. Yeah, it's strange. They started working for me too now. Thanks!

  9. Roeltz,

    This is a challenge to create these drawings using only code. It's part of the monthly Small Basic challenges that I linked to above. To learn about and download Small Basic, go here:



  10. Math Man says:

    Ed, please add my heart, ZHP577-0, or the link, smallbasic.com/…/program

    Please note that input does not work in silverlight.

  11. Math Man, I added your heart! How does the input work?


  12. Math Man says:

    As I said, input does not work in silverlight. Were you referring to how it works in local Small Basic? If so, just press enter after typing input size.

  13. Gotcha. I updated the blog post to specify to run it locally.


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