Sierpenski Triangles – Small Basic Featured Programs

Here’s an interesting discussion of Sierpenski Triangles: Here are two examples that were created in Small Basic: Random Sierpinski Triangle – by RubikWizard Sierpinski Triangle – by Stendec NaochanON created this program that generates these triangles: And this diagram for an explanation: Enjoy!    – Ninja Ed


Silly Story Writer – Featured Small Basic Program

I’m not sure if this is a game or a program… Silly Story Writer – KKK028     You have to run it locally, but it’s hilarious. This comes from Talgon96. In Talgon’s words, “It’s not graphically pleasing but it will make you laugh.” Indeed!   Well this blog post is way too short. And no…


Tankinator ver 0.03 – Small Basic Featured Program

Zock77 completed the latest version of Tankinator! It’s super addicting! Check it out! You can get it here:   Features added: 1) Sound was added 2) Random projectiles coming out of turrets bug fixed 3) Added more turrets (There are 10 now) 4) Changed the background picture 5) Added a different type of tank…


Small Basic Program Gallery – Listed By Category

12/08/15 UPDATE: Oculus Rift Ball Bounce and Batting Practice (games), Database Sample and Wavelength to RGP Converter (Productivity), Clown: Parsed Pixels (Graphical), and Pendulum (Sciences). On 11/17/15: Small Block Builder and Triple Six (Games). On 10/21/15: Pendulum Clock 2 (Graphical). On 9/3/13: Eora Duck Hunt. On 8/31: Starfield Simulator 2 (Graphical). On 7/8: Walking Man (Graphical). On…


Small Basic Extension – Extended Small Basic Library (ESL) 0.4.1a

3/5/16 UPDATE: Added the 0.4.2a patch and 0.4.3a patch link and info. ======================= Today’s featured Small Basic extension comes from Liam McSherry. Here is information about the extension in his words… Extended Small Basic Library, or ESL, is a small but powerful extension for Microsoft Small Basic. Although it didn’t get off to a great…


Create a Visually Fun Clock – Small Basic Challenge

2/16/13 UPDATE: I added clock #4, Nonki’s Pendulum Clock. =================   This is another one of our February Small Basic Coding Challenges from LitDev!   Graphical Challenge Create a visually fun clock.   #1. NaochanON’s Water Clock: TDG816-0     #2. Math Man’s Pi Clock: VWB484   #3. Nonki Takahashi’s Triangle Clock: CPZ043   #4….


Drawing Butterflies and Hearts… USING ONLY CODE – Small Basic Featured Programs

UPDATES: Added Nonki’s heart as Heart #3 on 2/13. Added Nonki’s butterfly as Butterfly #3 on 2/11. =========================== Check out our February Small Basic Coding Challenges from LitDev! Community challenges are from Math Man and Amir CPS.   Today we’re going to look at two challenges and two programs from each challenge…       Small…

How to convert text into Binary

This fantastic chart comes from today’s guest blogger, Liam McSherry. In Liam’s words… =============================   If anyone wants to know how to convert text into a series of binary digits, I quickly made this little graphic.   Note that this sort of system applies to all radices as a way of converting to them, with the divisor…

Text to Binary Converter – Small Basic Featured Program

Ha! I saw an episode of “Big Bang Theory” where they were arguing over the binary translation of English (how many zeros and ones there should be). Amir had made a Decimal to Binary converter that I featured, and I mentioned that a text to binary converter would be pretty sweet.   Well now (through…