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Today's post is a combination of a guest blog and a featured program! It comes from Behnam Azizi. In Behnam's words...


Here is the new version of my old game I used to call "Breaker". Since It had the same name as my previous game it didn't catch the eyes. I changed the name to a more unique one. It's the best game that I have made with small basic so far. Here are the descriptions: 

Block Smasher V 2.0 Ultimate

Finally, the ultimate version of the Block Smasher game is out! download it from here and play. It has 6 distinct levels and I also added save/load features and cheat codes to the game for more fun. You will get the cheat codes once you finish the game (And please don't cheat to find the cheat codes! Play the game thoroughly!). Follow this link to download: Block Smasher V2.0 Ultimate on Microsoft Technet Gallery

And I downloaded the sound used in the main menu from here:

Garden party.mp3

Also if you are looking for the source code find it in my previous post here: Source code of Block Smasher.



Thanks to Behnam for these great experiments with a Breaker game!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (10)

  1. One interesting thing about this game is how the paddle tilts, depending on the angle that the ball hits the paddle. Is this a good change or a bad one?

  2. anonymouscommenter says:

    I like the concept. I think having the paddle tilt adds a level of challenge.

    I would like to see a timer, more lives available. More color.

    How about special squares that explode, spawn when you hit them.

    The animation is smooth and well done but being BASIC the game is a tad slow!

    Good work though!

    I like what appears to be rotifers on the background!


  3. I'll pass this feedback to Behnam in the thread. Thanks!

  4. Yeah. Actually I think the speed of the ball also depends on many factors: the speed of your CPU, the value of "deltaX" that you can see in my code (And you can change it if you want), and a little bit inefficiency that you might see in my code ;

       However, if you want to increase the speed you can press the "~" button while in game. A text window will appear which asks for a cheat code. Then enter the cheat code: "behnam" (My name 😉 ). After that you will be asked to enter your desired speed of the ball. The speed of the ball has 2 coordinates: the y-coordinate and the x-coordinate. The best speed  is to set both y and x coordinates to 3.

    Other cheat codes in the game are as follows:

    "shahab" : Enables you to adjust the height of the paddle

    "nima" : Enables you to select your desired level (even if you haven't reached that level yet). And there are 6 levels in total I think.

    "sina": You will go to the next level once you lose!!!

    These are all the names of my cousins that you use as a cheat code xD

      I personally think there shouln't be cheat codes for games because it will ruin the good experience of gaming (many people will get sick of the games once they find the cheat codes). But I decided to make cheat codes for this game to make it more interesting from the "programming" perspective.



  5. For the special effects:

    Actually it would be very easy to use the same explosion effect that I used in my previous "Tancraft" game. But I decided to leave the programming up to here. You can edit the code and add more effects and make it even better since you have the source codes of both games.




  6. Oh, and needless to say: unlike it's misleading name, Small Basic is neither Basic nor Small !!!!

    If I wanted to write the same game in C++, well I think that would probably take thousands of lines of code (honestly I still can't make such a game with C++).

    Many thanks,


  7. Well, in that way it's basic and small (where it would take thousands of lines in C++, but not so much in Small Basic).

    Thanks, Behnam!

  8. Now this image isn't showing for me. Anybody else?

  9. I wonder if the paddle tilt is a fun challenge or more like an annoying challenge. =^)

    Like I think back to playing the challenging Nintendo platform games. They were almost an annoying challenge, because they were full of incredibly difficult jumps, and if you missed… you land in the bottomless pit (or lava), die, and have to start over. Games were a lot less forgiving back then.

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