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As part of LitDev’s December Challenges, Nonki suggested this Christmas Tree challenge:

“Draw a Christmas tree – how about with flashing lights.”

First here’s NaochanON‘s version:

Watch the program here.

Just when you think nothing’s going to happen, something does! =^)


And now here’s Nonki‘s version:

Screen shot of a program Xmas Tree

Watch the program here.

Nonki recommends that you run it locally. Um, and if you keep watching, something interesting rolls by the screen. =^)


What do you like about them? Leave a comment below!

Merry Christmas everyone! Oh, and Happy Holidays to boot!

   – Tall Basic Ed 


Comments (18)

  1. Math Man says:

    I saw the surprise. That was unexpected/random but cool.

  2. Yeah. cool. And nonki's christmas tree looked quite natural.

    But that would be better if the robot appeared earlier. Usually people wouldn't wait that long. I was about to close the window.

  3. @Math man:

    I am looking for someone with whom I work on a game project during the holidays. Are you interested? We can improve our previous games like the Tankinator you made or one of my games like Breaker or  we can make a new game. If you know other people who can join us you can also ask them.

    Send me a message here:  if you are interested.

  4. Math Man says:

    Actually, I didn't make Tankinator. I made the other tower defense game, Tank Rampage.

  5. Behnam, I think Nonki purposefully had R2 come later. Sort of the Easter Egg concept that it's not too easy to get to (makes it more valuable when you do see it).

  6. Math Man was the key coder on Tank Ramage. I love what you did with the menus in that game!

    Zock was the key coder on Tankinator. Behnam, you should also express your interest to Zock in the TeamChallenge threads that are up on the forum. That gives me an idea for a new thread around collaboration in general. I'll add that now.

  7. By the way, there is another surprise in a program for November Challenges.  Did you see it?

  8. Math Man says:

    Ah. Nice one, Nonki!!

  9. Nonki, what's the program?


  10. These images aren't showing for me now. Is anyone else having this issue?


  11. Regarding Nonki's and my conversation, here's the November Challenge:…/15b8d568-1420-4b3e-b424-42bade37acd3

  12. I didn't find "Thunder" in November, but I saw your Snowing (…/program) and your Snowman (

  13. Math Man says:

    Ed, I think the "Thunder" he meant was here.

  14. I saw it. Thanks Math Man! The easter egg comes on after about 5 or so flashes of thunder.

  15. This image isn't showing for me.

  16. anonymouscommenter says:

    alright mate

  17. Liam, meaning the image is showing for you?

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