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Today's game comes from Behnam Azizi.

Here's a screenshot of Tanks Game:

Download Tank Game from TechNet Gallery

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  1. At the beginning, each player places their tanks anywhere on theri own land (lands are seperated with the red line).
  2. Then starting with the top player you click somewhere in your own land. Once you click there, the corresponding point on the other side of the red line willl be shot. If the enemy's tank is there, then the tank will explode. If it's a miss, you'll hear an "error" sound.
  3. If you hear no sound, then it's likely the other person's turn, and you need to click on the other side of the red line.

Although this game is optimal for two players, it's also fun with one player firing on both sides! You can decide which of your personalities should win. =^)

I added "Tanks Game" to the Program Gallery. The source code for Tanks Game is available in this Small Basic forum thread.

Have you played the game? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

   - Tall Basic Ed

Comments (3)

  1. Has anyone tried this out? It's kind of fun. Sort of like Battleship, but you can see where you're aiming. =^)

  2. The image isn't showing for me.

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