Small Basic TeamChallenge – Tower Defense Game

Small Basic community member Timo Sö had a winning idea: to start a TeamChallenge competition. The challenge was to create a "Tower Defense Game" in one week. They developed their games from 12/3/2010 to 12/10/2010. Here is Timo's first Forum thread on the topic.

Here are the teams:


1. Tank Rampage Team:  Math Man, Timo Sö, (3rd person dropped out)

Find the code hereDownload the .RAR file

Math Man did 99% of the code. Timo created the graphics and did some small bug fixes.


2. Tankinator Team:  Zock77, Cobra355, (3rd person dropped out)

Find the code here | Download the .RAR file

The game cannot be played in the gallery list. You must download it and play it locally.

Zock did 100% of the coding. Cobra helped make the turret graphics. Zock was the game designer, and Cobra had some gameplay input.

To make the graphics, they used Gimp. They made the corners transparent:


Ready to vote for your favorite game?

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On that forum thread, reply with your input on which game you think is the best! The score is currently 4 to 0!

Thanks to all of the TeamChallenge members! We'll definitely see more of these in the future (Timo and Zock are already planning one for January)! You can track all the action in the Small Basic forum. I'll make the current TeamChallenge threads sticky.


What's your high score? Comment your answer below!

   - Tall Basic Ed

Comments (24)

  1. My high score for Tankinator was 16209. What's your high score?

  2. Ed, not Nonki's topic but Timo's.  ðŸ™‚

  3. I was playing Tankinator and left it running on my computer. Let's see what happens in the morning. I used a sort of a arrow strategy with five rows of turrets in the front about 60% of the way to the right. About two or three rows behind the $50 turrets, I put the big guns (those $700 turrets have the longest reach). Then that front line is like the tip of an arrow with diagnals going back to the bottom left and top left. So when tanks come at the top, they go above a gauntlet of turrets. When they come at the bottom, they get a gauntlet down there too. The only chance to break my line is through the middle, but after I put five vertical across and the big guns backing up the $50 guns, they can't get through there either.

  4. Nice Ed! The current vote is 4:0 for Tankinator.

    Thanks that you remembered my idea!

    What was the result of your game? My best highscore is arond 15.000 points. 🙂

  5. Zock77 says:

    Is that 15,000 or 15.000?

  6. It was 16,209. But the game I described after that (with my arrow strategy) has apparently been going all night. I started my computer and saw that I had something like $43,000. So I may never see my high score. =^)

    How tough do those tanks get?

  7. Zock77 says:

    well I made there health increase accelerate to the point where every round they may get better by 100000 every time.

  8. Okay. I finally lost in Tankinator. Apparently I went out for an hour and a half and didn't rebuild my turrets soon enough after they were destroyed. That weakened my line of defense as the super tanks rolled through. My final score was 35,804,644 points.

    That's right. 35 million. Great game, Zock and Cobra!

    Oh, and Math Man and Timo, if you do a v2 on your game (Timo mentioned you might do that), let me know. I'd love to play that. I think you had an interesting idea going with all your menus and everything.


  9. Regarding my last Tankinator game… My winning weapon was a Type 2 Missile Launcher with 13 kills. It was near the middle and lucky enough not to become roadkill.

  10. Zock77 says:

    Sweet!! I will try to and make the scores more realistic.

  11. New Tankinator record… 50,844,521 points.

    This one ended with some sort of overload bug. None of my line was broken so none of the tanks got through. Oh and I didn't have any new money when I got back (still just $15) so I didn't kill anything new. It basically just crashed when my system went to sleep last night. I'm getting better at stacking that arrow method with a solid layer of guns.

    My top weapon was a Type 2 Missile Launcher again with 24 kills. So that's also my record for top kills from a single weapon.

  12. Zock77 says:

    It gets the score from the milliseconds that have elapsed since the beginning of the game. and multiplying it by the kills.

  13. Zock,

    Cool. I think the score system works well. Also, there's no problem with a game taking a day or two. So the challenge is fine. I listed some ideas for features to expand, and one is better performance. But overall it's super fun. Thanks!

  14. Zock77 says:

    I will try to upgrade those :}

  15. Math Man says:

    We might make a version 1 (it's about 0.5 because of the bugs) of Tank Rampage if people are interested.

  16. Math Man, that would be cool. Let us know. Thanks!

  17. I updated the Code Link for Tank Rampage with this one:…/program

    The new download was already replaced on TechNet Gallery. There's another reason to use TechNet Gallery… you never have to have a new URL or list code when you update a game.


  18. Zock77 says:

    Hey guys!!!! I finished Tankinator version 0.02!!!! I have info for it here:…/54df50a6-91c5-43ee-b10a-9217ddf3427a

    Be sure to check it out!!!


  19. anonymouscommenter says:

    cn you write the listing

  20. Yo, I'm not sure what the listing is. Can you ask in the Small Basic forum?…/threads


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