Color Memory Game – Today’s Featured Small Basic Program

Here is an image of the game:

You can find the game here, in the Small Basic Program Gallery. The game was developed by Martmen.

Instructions for entering your High Score: (1) Click in the text box. (2) Type your name. (3) Click out of the text box. (4) Press Enter. (Next time you can just press Enter.)

What’s your high score? Leave the answer in the comments!


– Tall Basic Ed

Comments (6)

  1. User Ed says:

    My score today was pretty weak: 375. What did you get?


  2. Ah… Only 255. Guess I got some work to do. :)

  3. User Ed says:

    My high score today is 505.

    Anybody get better so far?


  4. My (best) Highscore is 170…..

  5. User Ed says:

    I left instructions in the blog post on entering your high score.

    I tried again and got 385. I'm going to try to beat my 505.


  6. User Ed says:

    Okay. I gave it a good run. My new high score is 730.

    Who can beat that?