Who should we interview next for the Small Basic blog?

Our first interview was with Liam McSherry. Please go check it out!


So who do you think we should interview from the Small Basic community? Also, what questions should we ask them?

Respond in the comments below with as many people and questions as you want. 


I'll update the blog post with a list of who you think we should interview and what questions you think we should ask (for a specific person or general questions).

List of suggestions from the related Forum thread and from the comments below:



  - Tall Basic Ed

Comments (4)

  1. UPDATE: I added LitDev (suggestion by Noah in the forum thread). I also added a link to the forum thread.


  2. anonymouscommenter says:


  3. Oliver, what's your profile? Can you paste in the URL to it? Are you involved in the Small Basic community?


  4. Note to self: Email Oliver and ask him over there. =^)

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