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As many of you already know, we've had a contest for Small Basic content on TechNet Wiki:

Nonki was our winner for Best Contributor. Check out the contest results here:

Now we'll take a deeper dive on Nonki's contributions...

Noah created the Small Basic article, and Nonki added topic headers (Extensions, Community, & Let's Start). Second, Noah added the TOC and a tag. The TOC is important for article navigation, the headers help you understand and break down the flow of the article (and feed into the TOC, so they also help with navigation), and tags make the article more accessible and easier to slice on.

Nonki also added this image to the Small Basic article:

In addition, Nonki translated the article into Japanese: Small Basic (ja-JP)

Nonki's second translation was Noah's article about how to build an extension using VB.NET. Here is Nonki's translation: Small Basic: VB.NET でエクステンションを作成する方法 (ja-JP)

On the article, List of Programs Made with Small Basic, Nonki added a few programs and helped identify the profiles (with links) of a few contributors:

Nonki has also authored some great articles on TechNet Wiki:


In conclusion, thank you to Nonki for all your contributions to the Small Basic content community! We hope that we can continue to grow Small Basic content on TechNet Wiki and help people in our pursuit of teaching programming!

Jump on in; the Wiki is warm!

   - Tall Basic Ed


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  1. Ed, Thank you for introducing.  I translated two more articles into Japanese.

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