Click the Button – Small Basic Featured Program

Today's featured program is Click the Button.

Gah! I edited it and lost the embed. I can't get it back. Here's an image of the program:

Today's featured program is "Click the Button" by Timo Sö.

It's very challenging. How far can you get? You can find it here:


   - Tall Basic Ed

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  1. I can only get to the 4th level with the dark gray background. Can anyone get to the 5th level?


  2. Math Man says:

    I can't . The 4th level is as far as I've gotten.

  3. Libre Lex says:

    the button will run away when you put the mouse point on it. It's so hard.

  4. Ed Price:  I am going to translate your blog into chinese, and now I want to acquire your agreement.

  5. Thanks. 😀

    it is nice to see my program here. The 4th level is the last level. Like you said, it is very hard. I tried it around 100 times. And only 1 time was succesfull. So let's look if you can do this 4th level too!

  6. Libre, yes please translate it.

    We also have a lot of English articles about Small Basic over on TechNet Wiki:…/default.aspx

    We'd love to have someone translate some of those articles into Chinese or other languages, which can also be posted on TechNet Wiki.


  7. Timo,

    It runs away from me and never slows down! I don't think I'd be able to beat that level!

  8. hmmmm

    I want update it in the next days. So I could make  it a bit slower and/or the button a bit bigger.

    I will see what I can do. 🙂

  9. Timo,

    When you update it, let me know! Thanks!

  10. Amir, wow, that's impressive! =^)

  11. Dan Fisk says:

    I know a cheat foe this game if u play it on the computer

    1. Dan, what’s the cheat?


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