Click the Button – Small Basic Featured Program

Today’s featured program is Click the Button.

Gah! I edited it and lost the embed. I can’t get it back. Here’s an image of the program:

Today’s featured program is “Click the Button” by Timo Sö.

It’s very challenging. How far can you get? You can find it here:


   – Tall Basic Ed

Comments (16)

  1. User Ed says:

    I can only get to the 4th level with the dark gray background. Can anyone get to the 5th level?


  2. I can't . The 4th level is as far as I've gotten.

  3. User Ed says:

    Yeah, it's really hard. =^)

  4. the button will run away when you put the mouse point on it. It's so hard.

  5. Ed Price:  I am going to translate your blog into chinese, and now I want to acquire your agreement.

  6. Thanks. 😀

    it is nice to see my program here. The 4th level is the last level. Like you said, it is very hard. I tried it around 100 times. And only 1 time was succesfull. So let's look if you can do this 4th level too!

  7. User Ed says:

    Libre, yes please translate it.

    We also have a lot of English articles about Small Basic over on TechNet Wiki:…/default.aspx

    We'd love to have someone translate some of those articles into Chinese or other languages, which can also be posted on TechNet Wiki.


  8. User Ed says:


    It runs away from me and never slows down! I don't think I'd be able to beat that level!

  9. hmmmm

    I want update it in the next days. So I could make  it a bit slower and/or the button a bit bigger.

    I will see what I can do. 🙂

  10. User Ed says:


    When you update it, let me know! Thanks!

  11. User Ed says:

    Amir, wow, that's impressive! =^)

  12. Dan Fisk says:

    I know a cheat foe this game if u play it on the computer

    1. Dan Fisk says:


    2. Dan, what’s the cheat?