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UPDATED 07/06/16: Added Oculus Rift/Oculus SB. On 03/05/16: Updated the ESL extension links. On 02/28/16: Added Jibba Jabba's Small Basic Leaderboard, Extended Text Library (by jsakamoto), Fast 2D Graphics (by FuleSnabel), Kinect (by Synergist), Neural Network (by EzyMCP), and SquareBasic (by Benedikt Muessig). On 01/31/16: Added Fremy's Extension as a featured extension. On 11/2/15: Added LitDev and EV3 Basic.




The impossible goal is that this list will eventually contain every quality extension made for Small Basic.

I'm starting with some listed in the Small Basic Forums, but you should also come back later, because this list will evolve over time.



Barcode Extension - by NaochanOn




ESL Extension (v.0.4.3a) - by Liam McSherry

EV3 Basic (info) - by Reinhard Grafl & Nigel Ward

Excel Library for Small Basic - by JSakamoto

Extended Text Library for Small Basic by jsakamoto


Fast 2D Graphics Extension by FuleSnabel

Fremy's Extension (v2.3.1) by FremyCompany (for both SB v1.0 and v1.2)


I/O Extension (v1) - by Noah Buscher and gungan37

IE Library for Small Basic - by JSakamoto


Joystick/Game Controller Extension (v1, prereq, how to) - by gungan37


Kinect for Small Basic Extension Library (for SB v1.1, included in SB v1.2) - by Synergist


LitDev Extension - by LitDev

(LitDev Demonstration C# Extension Set) - by LitDev


Math Extension (v.01) - by Zock77

Micro Maestro Servo (v1) - by Zock77

MoreOptions Extension (v0.2) - by Timo Sö

Moving Extension (v1) - by Math Man


Neural Network Extension - by EzyMCP


Oculus SB: Oculus Rift (v1) - by Zock77


PlusPlus Extension (v2) - by gungan37

Power Array Extension (v1) - by EzyMCP


SayPlus! Extension (v1.3.2) - by AshkoreDracson

Small Basic Leaderboard (info) - by Jibba Jabba

SquareBasic (v0.61) by Benedikt Muessig


Teaching Extensions (v .034) - by LynnLangit & TeachingKidsProgramming


Windows Forms for Small Basic (v 2.0) - by gungan37


XExtension - Leaders Board for Small Basic (v1.0) - by Jibba Jabba (for SB 1.2)



These are older extensions that seem to no longer be working or are no longer available:

Data Extension (v1.0.3) - by Oskariok

Fast 2D Graphics Extension - by FuleSnabel

PowerExtension ( - by Noah Buscher


You can upload your extensions either at the MSDN Gallery, GitHub, or at CodePlex. In MSDN Gallery, you earn Recognition Points and Achievement Medals in the same system as the Small Basic Forums and as TechNet Wiki, where you can create how-to and troubleshooting articles about Small Basic scenarios.

Leave a comment with more extensions to add. We'll need a name and a link to download it. Find the community version of this gallery over on TechNet Wiki.


- Tall Basic Ed


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Comments (57)

  1. Data Extension (v1.0.3) by Oskariok – is dead link

  2. anonymouscommenter says:

    Excel Library for Small Basic

    IE Library for Small Basic  

  3. zbobsoft, I updated the Data Extensions thread link, but the download link is still dead. I asked Oskariok on that thread.


  4. NaochanON, I added the Excel Library and IE Library.


  5. Math Man, what does the Fremy Extension do? Is there an info page?


  6. One function of the Fremy extension is taht you can open more then one Graphics Window at the time.

  7. anonymouscommenter says:

    Small Basic tutorial with a description of how to create a simple extension:…/small-basic-language-tutorial-programming-is-fun.html  

    1. jwzumwalt says:

      I am new to SB and tried the link you suggested for a simple how2 on extensions – this was GREAT!

  8. I added the ESL extension and the See Also section.

  9. Math Man, I added Fremy's Extension. Thanks!

  10. Thanks Math Man! I updated the link.

  11. Math Man, I added your Moving Extension. Thanks!

  12. anonymouscommenter says:

    Here's the extension library for SmallBasic that we created –

    Courseware which is designed to use this library (free) is at > kids

  13. Lynn, I added Teaching Extensions. Thanks!

  14. I added:

    Math Extension (v.01) – by Zock77

  15. I added the "how to" link to Gungan's Joystick Extension. That's a perfect example of fully documenting an Extension! Thanks Gungan! You can doc extensions too over on TechNet Wiki, like Gungan did here:…/14015.using-the-joysticks-game-controllers-extension-for-microsoft-small-basic.aspx

  16. I made the great updates that were made over on the community version of this gallery on TechNet Wiki:…/compare.aspx

  17. I added the Windows Form extension from Gungan.


  18. I added the I/O Extension.


  19. I added Barcode Extension – by NaochanOn.

  20. Good work ED.

    Around the half of the extensions is new for me.

    Here is one more extension to add:

    MoreOptions Extension by Timo Sö



  21. Great. I added it, Timo. Thanks!

  22. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hi ED Price, small baisc will support kinect SDK?

  23. anonymouscommenter says:

    Excuse that I write here.

    Look my program, not a toy.

    The generator of passwords.

  24. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hi Ed,

    I have done an extension.

    Please take a look:

    Best regards

  25. anonymouscommenter says:

    In the "Fast 2D Graphics Extension" (by FuleSnabel) XML file does not exist !!! Please add to the archive…

  26. anonymouscommenter says:

    Data Extension (v1.0.3)  is outdated. Does not install. The installer says I need Small Basic as a prerequisite . I have Small Basic v1.0 .

  27. anonymouscommenter says:

    this was realy helpfull

    do you know who made this website

  28. anonymouscommenter says:

    hello my friends can you 3d make in small basic repeat me :


    x = x + 1

    b = b + 1

    If x > 100 Then

     x = 0


    a = Shapes.AddEllipse(50,20)



     Goto basla

    are you okey ?

  29. anonymouscommenter says:


    Of course i will not run an exe from an unknown source. So can you provide your source.

    Esp. interested i would be in the source for Actions.dll (ExtensionCompiler)

  30. anonymouscommenter says:

    I'm working on a SFML Wrapper Extension for Small Basic.

    Stay tuned.

  31. anonymouscommenter says:

    hi i have downloaded an extension which contains a "game window" but the button's are not working can somebody help please?

  32. anonymouscommenter says:

    eyyyyyyyy riiiiiiiiiiiiiddddddaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm           tuuuuuuuuu unnnnnnn ghiafeyeeeeeeeeeeeeee gohettttttttttttttttttttttttttt………

  33. "do you know who made this website"

    Microsoft. =^)

  34. Atakan, what's the demo? Can you ask this in the forum?…/threads


  35. "Small baisc support kinect?"

    You were ahead of us by almost 2 years! Well, we had to get our team together for new versions of Small Basic.

    Here's the basic info about the Kinect extension:…/small-basic-try-out-the-new-kinect-extension.aspx

    And here's a review of it from Nonki:…/kinect-for-small-basic-quick-review.aspx


  36. Benedikt,

    Did this ever pan out?

  37. I archived the two extensions that no longer seem to be working.


  38. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hello Ed Price,I got a problam, i installed kinect4smallbasic

    at 'C:Program Files (x86)MicrosoftSmall Basiclib', i found kinect .dll files

    but no any options appear when i typed 'kinect'

  39. Sorry Ian. Have you tried Kinect in Small Basic 1.2?

  40. 11/2/15 UPDATE: Added LitDev and EV3 Basic.

  41. Shlomo Avdiel says:

    Neither Fremy's nor LitDev's extensions work in SB v1.2. Both cause the SB IDE to stop functioning.

  42. Shlomo, this LitDev one was updated exclusively for Small Basic 1.2:

    And it looks like Fremy's extension got updated only a few days after you posted this:…/small-basic-featured-thread-fremy-s-extension-updated-for-small-basic-v1-2.aspx


  43. UPDATE: I added a featured extension at the top:

    Fremy's Extension – by FremyCompany

  44. Jibba Jabba, sorry I missed this!

    UPDATED 02/28/16: Added Jibba Jabba's Small Basic Leaderboard.

  45. UPDATED 02/28/16: Added Jibba Jabba's Small Basic Leaderboard, Extended Text Library (by jsakamoto), Fast 2D Graphics (by FuleSnabel), Kinect (by Synergist), Neural Network (by EzyMCP), and SquareBasic (by Benedikt Muessig).

  46. anonymouscommenter says:

    Help writing speed is to write test programs. small basic

  47. UPDATED 03/05/16: Updated the ESL extension links.

  48. UPDATED 07/06/16: Added Oculus Rift/Oculus SB.

  49. wilkgr says:

    PowerExtension’s link also appears to be broken…

    1. Okay. Thanks!
      I moved it to the archived section.

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