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12/08/15 UPDATE: Oculus Rift Ball Bounce, Batting Practice, Database Sample, Wavelength to RGP Converter, Clown: Parsed Pixels, and Pendulum.  On 11/17/15: Added several Science related programs, Triple Six, and Small Block Builder. On 9/3/13: Added Eora Duck Hunt. On 6/29: Added SBCraft. On 6/12: Added String Searcher. On 5/22: Added Abacus Beads, Chomper, Go Simulator, Minesweeper, Piano, and Shapes Editor. 


The goal is that this list contains a lot of Small Basic programs. We’re looking for interactive programs that are easy to use, fun, and have little to no learning curve.

To browse a larger variety of programs that are listed categorically, see Small Basic Program Gallery – Listed By Category. Categories include Games, Graphical, Math, Physics, Productivity Apps, Sciences (Other), Sound, and Text.

You should also come back later, because this list will evolve over time.



1942 – by Laurent20


Abacus – by Harry Hardjono

Abacus Beads – by Nonki Takahashi

Alien Barrage (info) – by LitDev

Analogue Clock (with wood texture) – by Math Man

Analogue Clock (no background) – by Nicolas_br

Arrow – by Zock77 

Asteroids V2 – by Jason Jacques + Community

Atom – by Dudeson (follows mouse cursor)


Balance Scale – by NaochanON 

Basketball – by NaochanON

Batting Practice – by Cody_M

Blackboard – by Vijaye

Block Smasher V2 (info) by Behnam Azizi

Blimp – by  Coding Cat

Brick Wall (info) – by Stendec


Calculator – by  Alex 2000 

Calculator CA – by Nonki Takahashi

Cargo Weight – by NaochanON 

Catch Game – by NaochanON

Chess Board – by Nonki Takahashi

Chomper (Packman) – by Anthony Yarrell/QBasicLover

Click the Button – by Timo Sö


Clown: Parsed Pixels (info) – by Jibba Jabba

Code Block Generator v1.3 (info) – by Nonki Takahashi

Collision Physics – by Litdev 

Color Memory Game – by Martmen

Color Picker – by Suduadib



Database Sample – by  

Decimal to Binary Converter – by Amir CPS


Eurora Duck Hunt – by Jibba Jabba

Eyeballs – by Math Man


Football Pong (P1 use S+D; P2 use K+L) – by Nonki Takahashi


Go Simulator – by Nonki Takahashi

Gorillas – by Rushworks

Graph – by NaochanON


Happy Number Checker – by Math Man


Installer (info) – by Timo Sö

Invader (game) – by NaochanON (play locally for proper framerate)

Invaders – by JKrueg 


LED Display – by Amir CPS

Light Beam – by Math Man

Light Beam – Interactive – by Zock77 (press up and down to rotate the reflector)    


Metronome – by NaochanON

Minesweeper – by Nonki Takahashi

Moon Phases – by NaochanON 

Music Player (info) – by Amir CPS, NaochanON, and Absolu


Number to Text Converter – by Math Man


Oculus Rift: Ball Bounce (info) by Zock77


Pacman Labyrinth – by LitDev


Pendulum (info) – by Jibba Jabba 

Pendulum Clock – by Nonki Takahashi

Pendulum Clock 2 – by Kevin J

Pi Clock – by Math Man

Piano – by Nonki Takahashi (run locally)

Pyramid – by NaochanON (be patient)


Random Cat Clock – by NaochanON 

Random Drawing – by Math Man & Coding Cat

Ruler – by Nonki Takahashi


SBCraft – by Ardiezc Quazhulu

Shapes Editor (info) – by Nonki Takahashi 

Silly Story Writer – by Talgon96 (run locally)

Sierpinski Triangle – by Stendec 

Small Block Builder (info) – by Bluegrams

Smiley Maze Game – by Nik Coughlin

SnakeBite – by Davey Wavey

Soda Pop Showdown – by JKrueg

SokoCUTE – by kts99

Sorting Algorithm Demo – by Zeven

Space Invaders – by Davey Wavey 

Spring – by NaochanON 

Star Catcher – by NaochanON

Star Field Simulator – by JKrueg

Starfield Simulator 2 – by Florian Auer

Stay Away from the Blue Ball – by Todd

String Searcher – by Jibba Jabba

Super Pong – by Litdev


TanCraft – by Behnam Azizi 

Tankinator – by Zock77 & Cobra355

Tetris – by Kenneth Kasajian

Text to Binary Converter – by Amir CPS

Text Writer – by Todd

Tic Tac Toe (with menu) – by Nonki Takahashi

Tic Tac Toe (with tough AI) – by NaochanON

Tower of Hanoi – by Alex 2000

Triple Six (info) – by Bluegrams

Turtle Maze Game – by (info) – by Nonki Takahashi


Vigenère Cipher (info) – by Amir CPS (run locally)


Water Clock – by NaochanON 

Wavelength to RGB Converter – by Pappa Lapub

Weather (USA) – by NaochanON


Leave a comment with more programs to add. We’ll need a name, a link to download it, and the name/profile of the developer. On TechNet Wiki, you’ll find a version of this article that lists even more programs. (This blog post is limited to interactive programs that are easy to use, meaning they have little to no learning curve.)


   – Tall Basic Ed

Comments (102)

  1. This will help to find Small Basic programs.  I recommend following program IDs for S.


  2. Hey there! I would like to see my Installere here. You can find it here:

    It is still an Alpha version. 😉

  3. Math Man says:

    My analog clock with wood texture:



  4. Well Math Man is the only one who followed the guidelines. It requires zero hunting. So I'll add that one now.

    Please include a link to the program page where it can  be embedded (or the code can be grabbed).


  5. Math Man, are you really 10?

  6. Nonki,

    Stargates wasn't running for me. What was missing? Thanks!

  7. Oh and any IDs or names will work, not just "S". I started with "S" just because that's what I found first.


  8. I added "SnakeBite". Does anyone have a link to "Davey Wavey"s profile?


  9. Nonki,

    I added SokoCUTE! Great game! Do you know who made it?


  10. anonymouscommenter says:

    kts99 made sokocute.  PLZ see here.…/sample-of-the-week-soko.aspx

  11. NaochanON,

    I added kts99 as the author. Can you link to the program page (with code) for your Space Invaders?


  12. anonymouscommenter says:

    Invader game     ver1.0       HQB587…/f9a8cf1f-2a4c-4019-bea9-ebdcb7b86c15

  13. anonymouscommenter says:

    Note: Invader game   HQB587  works very slow on web.

    So you'd better run it local.

  14. anonymouscommenter says:

    "Davey Wavey"  is written here.…/sample-of-this-week-snake-bite.aspx

  15. Here is the code for the current alphaversion of my Installer:

  16. Timo, do you have a program code for it like the others?


  17. NaochanON,

    I added the invader game and Dave Wavey's linnk. Thanks!

  18. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hi, Does anybody has a calculator in graphicswindow? Im working on one but Im stuck if anybody could lend me a code to understand it I would apreciate it

  19. Ed, I could play STARGATES.  Original article in Small Basic Forum is here.…/6c6dea16-fa11-4d24-84da-d422f3e17daa

  20. Anybody know who made 1942? It's a fantastic port!

  21. anonymouscommenter says:

    1942 made by Laurent20   code No is ZZD394…/7012853a-842f-44bb-a31f-9eee9597363a

  22. anonymouscommenter says:

    I made a program list.   They are posted on "Post your sample source code here and get featured on our blogs! (1) to (4) and showcase (5) "

    PLZ see import code   SGX870 .

    (Sorry  programmer name is not written.)

  23. anonymouscommenter says:

    Super Pong game is made by Litdev .

    I saw it in his sample directory.

  24. anonymouscommenter says:

    Here is a new Betaversion of my Installer WITH source code. Enjoy!

  25. Here is a new Betaversion of my Installer WITH source code. Enjoy!

  26. @Abraham:Hi, I can offer only 49-line-calculator in Textwindow >> TLT468  

  27. NaochanON,

    Thanks! I added Laurent20 as the creator of the 1942 game.

  28. Link to NaochanON's program list:…/program

    Also, I added Blimp and Analogue Clock. I also gave Litdev credit for SuperPong.

  29. @Abraham and Rene:

    Here's a calculator in GraphicsWindow (from Alex_2000):…/program

  30. @Timo: I updated with your new download page. Can you get it in the program list?

    I also added Calculator just now.

  31. Which program list do you mean? I only know this one.

  32. Timo,

    I mean adding it to this site:…/program


  33. anonymouscommenter says:

    I have created a program to write whatever you type in with the turtle: XSQ487

    I also have a little game I created for year 9 IT assessment: CFZ796

    If somebody would like, feel free to do up the graphics for the game, at the time I only had access to what SB had built in 🙂

  34. Here is the code:  TCQ854

    And here is the side:…/program

    My description is not listeet there (ERROR?!). You will need the LitDev extension to use the icon function.

  35. Ed, it would be nice if you write at my Installer insteat of "by Timo So", "by Timo Sö". Thanks!

  36. It would be very nice too, if you add my game CLICK THE BUTTON.

    Download link:

    Infopage:  …/programs.html

    ProgramCode:  WSF598

  37. Math Man says:

    Ed Price, to answer your question "Math Man, are you really 10?" Yes. I really am.

  38. I added Math Man's "Number to Text".

  39. Timo, I added Click the Button. That's a fun game, but it got hard very fast!

  40. Todd, I added your Text Writer and "Stay Away from the Blue Ball." My score on Blue Ball was 220. =^)

  41. I added Nonki's Code Block Generator.


  42. anonymouscommenter says:

    I recommend put Gorillas on here, see…/sample-of-the-week-gorillas.aspx  and…/a5dfd911-d704-412f-86c9-02e019f7e1da

    Note you want Gorillas version 2.0 for it to work properly with the latest Small Basic

  43. Math Man says:

    A drawing program created by me and improved by Coding Cat:


    Import: FDM232-0

  44. BigDaddyo, I added Gorillas (by RushWorks). But for some reason I cannot see the actual gorillas in the gallery. Is their art being stored locally?


  45. Math Man, I added it as "Random Drawing". Thanks!

  46. I updated the "Color Memory Game" with the latest version.

  47. I added Behnam's Tanks Game.

  48. I added Nonki's "Turtle Maze Game".

  49. anonymouscommenter says:

    One of the first project i did in small Basic.…/5ed51f6b-4029-4c9b-8019-73fcb492b80e

  50. anonymouscommenter says:

    can you help me with my program. this is what i have so far. i want it to be a game!!


  51. Patrick, please post your question with more info to the forum:…/threads


  52. Amir, I added "Music Player". This should also be featured!


  53. I added LitDev's Alien Barrage! Amazing game!

    I featured it here:…/alien-barrage-small-basic-featured-game.aspx

  54. anonymouscommenter says:

    can you help me with my program. this is what i have so far. i want it to be a game!!


  55. Davies,

    Can you ask this with a ton more detail in the Small Basic forum?…/threads


  56. Spence,

    Care to explain your frustration? Thanks!

  57. I added the Text to Binary Converter from Amir. Here's the blog post where I featured it:…/text-to-binary-converter-small-basic-featured-program.aspx

  58. This provides a nice overview. I would like to have a similar list – not sorted by alphabet but by categories like Games, Math, Drawing etc. It would be nice to have a browsing possibility by categories on this site:…/program  also – so users can find a lot of additional help this way and study different script solutions related to some keywords.  

  59. True. I can't add a list to the site, but I can add it to this blog and the wiki.

    Would it be by category, then subcategory, and then alphabetical?


  60. Based on this discussion with Rene, I added a categorical Program Gallery:…/small-basic-program-gallery-listed-by-category.aspx

  61. 2/24 UPDATE: Added Block Smasher, Happy Number Checker, and Pacman Labyrinth.

  62. 3/9 UPDATE: Added Basketball, Catch Game, Graph, LED Display, and Weather.

  63. anonymouscommenter says:

    great website really helpful

  64. anonymouscommenter says:

    I think this is self explanatory. I love this website, and it's very useful.

  65. Added Abacus Beads, Chomper, Go Simulator, Minesweeper, Piano, and Shapes Editor.

  66. Added String Searcher.

  67. anonymouscommenter says:

    Added Abacus Beads, Chomper, Go Simulator, Minesweeper, Piano, and Shapes Editor. these are my best programs

  68. Orco,

    Have you tried them?

  69. anonymouscommenter says:

    Nice Game Dude But need a little work, Man

  70. anonymouscommenter says:

    May i just just say i am very impressed,you are 11 years old and you are doing programming i can only say Wow   i am only 11 myself i gave up with programming but i must start again… : )

    for Math man 🙂

  71. anonymouscommenter says:

    Really nobody answer ! This is suppose to be a HELP blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Jaden, which game do you like and that you think needs work?

    You can improve anything here by importing the code into Small Basic!


  73. Alexa,

    This is an interactive blog. =^)

    For Help, you should go to the Forums:…/home

    Alexa, have you learned how to use Small Basic? Did you find it easy to learn? What did you like about it?


  74. Added Eurora Duck Hunt – by Jibba Jabba

  75. digrom says:

    Here is a simple Text Display to add

    ID Number=THP159

  76. anonymouscommenter says:

    plz anyone help me to make a star of different corners in small basic………….its urgent

  77. anonymouscommenter says:

    gravity field simulation


  78. anonymouscommenter says:

    lace drawing


  79. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hi !

    I have a problem. When I writed  " SUB" and  then I was writing "IF" program later has a error. I don't know how it is doing. If who want how it is doing  so he is writing .

  80. anonymouscommenter says:


  81. anonymouscommenter says:

    hi i have a give program code

  82. Nullimus says:

    How do I submit a program for the gallery?

  83. Nullimus says:

    Here is my 2D Universe. It features Gravity and body collision.


  84. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hellp i am new to programming and i don't know what to do

  85. I added following programs to…/14013.list-of-programs-made-with-small-basic.aspx .

    2D Universe, Gravity Field Simulation, Lace Drawing, Raytracer

  86. anonymouscommenter says:

    Would be great if the entire gallery title and description were searchable. I have been adding #CKC to the program descriptions I publish (used for teaching) but I can't retrieve them using a search function. Not a huge deal because I write them down but if I don't I have to republish as I can not find a way to find programs I publish if I don't know the sysgen ID.

    And the categories I used when publishing are not listed in the Cat List on the Gallery page.

  87. HollB70 says:

    TKQ839 is mine its a horse race where you win points by guessing the correct winner of each race!!

  88. anonymouscommenter says:

    a typography experimentation prog: LWZ091

    use mouse wheel and sliders to adjust bold, height, kerning and so on…

    pay attention to prog title displays current option selected

    vertical slider has 8 settings

    hor. slider adjust char to kern

    text box select num of next chars to kern in group…

    after doling adjust use list button to save values

    fist row is kerning, second is mem var.

    have fun and experiment….))

  89. anonymouscommenter says:

    Can you write some baseball games??

                                                 Thanks   a   lot

  90. Anthony, I'll give you a hoop. Head to the forum and click on the latest challenge thread (pinned at the top):…/threads

    In there, suggest a baseball game for the next challenge. Then (knock on wood), the next month we'll have 1-3 solid baseball games!

  91. I added several Science related programs, Triple Six, and Small Block Builder.

  92. 12/08/15 UPDATE: Oculus Rift Ball Bounce, Batting Practice, Database Sample, Wavelength to RGP Converter, Clown: Parsed Pixels, and Pendulum.

  93. Alan Hughes says:

    I wish to try writing a simple program that could do the following:
    1. Allow the input of about 5 or 6 different items(mixture of text and numbers)
    2. Select one of these items which would then use one of 5 or 6 Databases to check and if not present then install this into the Database
    3. following that entry to return to select another of the entered items and follow the same procedure this time with a different Database
    4. repeat this until ready for a new input
    Years ago I did a small amount of programming in Basic and then after that in Dbase3 but whether that would help me or hinder me
    I am not sure.
    This is only for personal use for some minor record keeping for my hobby of Amateur radio.
    Would Small Basic be a likely program to try and learn for this.
    I would appreciate any comments, Thanks

    1. Alan, yes, Small Basic can do that. You can store the items in an array. There’s also an extension available for accessing a full database.

      Please ask questions in the forum, where they will help you out:


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