Got ideas for the Small Basic blog?

Assuming you use Small Basic, of course. =^)

We'll interview key community folks, we'll discuss Small Basic education, feature some programs, and enjoy some community conversations.


What are your ideas?

 - Tall Basic Ed

Comments (13)

  1. Hi Ed,

    Glad to see you here as well! 🙂

    What about "The 14 keywords of Small Basic"? 🙂



  2. These are my ideas for the Small Basic blog:

    (1) What are hot in Small Basic Forum.

    – Challenge of the Month

    – The 50 Line Challenge

    (2) How to debug Small Basic programs.

    – Use TextWindow.WriteLine()

    – Write debug code such as "If debug Then…"

    – Write test programs for subroutines

    – List up bugs

    – Use "Graduate" and Visual Studio debugger

  3. A topic where everyone can post his finished programs. So everybody can try it!

  4. Nonki, fantastic ideas! I'll start with some of those now.


  5. Timo, also a great idea. When I do that, I'll put a link on the upper right, so that it becomes an official page we can build out.


  6. Zoltan, yeah, that's a good one!

  7. Nonki, do you want to write up your #2 as a guest blogger? I'd publish it here. I would write a brief bio of you at the top and link to your profile and whatever sites you'd want.


  8. Ed,

    Thank you for your suggestion about #2.  I'll try to write them.

  9. Additional idea :

    (3) Happy Birth Day Small Basic

    – October 24 is Small Basic's birth day.

  10. Nonki, about your #2, could you email me a version that I can paste into the blog? Or I can take a crack at converting it. But I'll still need to email you so that I can make sure you think it looks good before I post it. My email is edprice at Microsoft. Thanks!

  11. Zoltan, yeah I'm mostly handing the Wiki Ninjas blog over to the community. I'll still schedule it though. But I'll focus my blog posts over here and on my own blog for awhile. Thanks!

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