The Blog is Back!

Hello everyone! It is my pleasure to announce that with the help of Ed Price, the Small Basic blog is now back! I will be posting new Small Basic news, extensions, programs, and more! Please stay tuned!

Comments (12)

  1. Thanks for helping lead us, Noah. What happened to the old theme? Did it automatically turn to this default theme when you were added?


  2. No… I just intend on changing it to try to match the homepage better. Thank you for your help!

  3. anonymouscommenter says:

    Awesome!  I was hoping to see the Small Basic blog up and running again soon!  Thanks everyone!

  4. Ray, if you want to be a guest blogger, email me the content or link to it and I'll blog it for you, giving you an intro and links.


  5. Zock77 says:

    Sweet! does this relate to the other blog?

  6. Zock, depends on "other blog." But there's a good chance that you mean the official blog… which is what this is. So basically it is the other blog, just with a new look. Get to all the previous posts here:…/smallbasic

  7. Zock, if you mean Noah's blog he started (, then yes, he's moving back over to this official blog. Thanks!

  8. Hey! This new-old blog is lesser then the other new blog you created Noah. This one is so sterilely and unstructured. I only want to tell you this, so you can correct it (if you want). I can't find the program list of the new blog too…. :/



  9. Timo,

    Yeah, the program list hasn't been migrated yet. We'll wait and see what to do with that. Thanks!

  10. anonymouscommenter says:

    Any idea when version 2.0 or 1.1 might be released.  I'd love to see the ability to create simple objects.

  11. Sean,

    The roadmap of Small Basic is undetermined at this time. We’ll provide an update after our plans have been finalized. Until then, the blog will focus on the education and information about the current version of Small Basic and on continuing to build the community around it.

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