Small Basic Interview – LitDev, Scottish MCC & Forum Moderation Ninja (Sinclair Spectrum, Small Basic, Fortran, C++, C#)

Today’s Small Basic Interview is with LitDev! I’ve gotten a lot of requests to interview Steve, so here we are! He is a Microsoft Community Contributor (MCC). LitDev is the primary moderator of the Small Basic forums. He hosts the Challenges of the Month. Here’s the list of blog posts that have featured his challenges….


Christmas Trees – Small Basic Featured Programs

As part of LitDev’s December Challenges, Nonki suggested this Christmas Tree challenge: “Draw a Christmas tree – how about with flashing lights.” First here’s NaochanON’s version: Watch the program here. Just when you think nothing’s going to happen, something does! =^)   And now here’s Nonki’s version: Watch the program here. Nonki recommends that you run it locally….


Tanks Game – Small Basic Featured Program

Today’s game comes from Behnam Azizi. Here’s a screenshot of Tanks Game: Download Tank Game from TechNet Gallery And be sure to rate the game too! Instructions: At the beginning, each player places their tanks anywhere on theri own land (lands are seperated with the red line). Then starting with the top player you click…


Small Basic – The Happy Number Challenge

As part of LitDev’s December Challenges, Nonki suggested this Happy Number challenge: “Calculate happy numbers below 1000.”    Read more about Happy Numbers. Math Man wasted no time in contributing this program: Math Man’s Happy Number Checker (click to try it out!) Here is what it looks like (just an image): Now that’s a poor, sad…


Small Basic TeamChallenge – Tower Defense Game

Small Basic community member Timo Sö had a winning idea: to start a TeamChallenge competition. The challenge was to create a “Tower Defense Game” in one week. They developed their games from 12/3/2010 to 12/10/2010. Here is Timo’s first Forum thread on the topic. Here are the teams:    1. Tank Rampage Team:  Math Man, Timo Sö, (3rd…


Small Basic Code Block Generator: How to format a Code Block

Today’s guest blogger is Nonki Takahashi. You can find the latest version of this article here on TechNet Wiki.   This article is especially for the Small Basic article writer on TechNet Wiki.  It explains the Code Block Generator v1.3.  There is a menu icon of [Format Code Block] to generate code block in TechNet Wiki [EDIT]…


Microsoft’s History with BASIC (Altair 8800, TRS-80 Color Computer)

A Brief History of Small Basic Today, we have a guest blogger, Philip Conrod! He is sharing with us an excerpt from their book for kids, Beginning Microsoft Small Basic by Philip Conrod and Lou Tylee. This section is available as part of Chapter 1 of “Beginning Microsoft Small Basic”. You can find their books…


Color Memory Game – Today’s Featured Small Basic Program

Here is an image of the game: You can find the game here, in the Small Basic Program Gallery. The game was developed by Martmen. Instructions for entering your High Score: (1) Click in the text box. (2) Type your name. (3) Click out of the text box. (4) Press Enter. (Next time you can…


Small Basic for Little Kids Series #01 – A Typing Game

 It’s always fun to teach the little ones to learn and do something. Teaching programming is no different.  As previously mentioned, I have been on the lookout for a fun and low-barrier language for beginners, a third grader to be exact. So far, all in all, I’ve spent about 20-30 hours with my son on…


Small Basic Interview – Philip Conrod (Visual Basic, Assembler, Pascal, Fortran, COBOL, Java, Visual C#, & Small Basic)

Today I am interviewing Philip Conrod. Philip has co-authored, edited, and published several Microsoft Small Basic programming books and tutorials with his friend and colleague, Lou Tylee. Some of these books include the following Small Basic Best Sellers:      Let’s get started! Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What programming languages do you…