Small Basic v0.95 speaks another language!

Czech is now part of the Small Basic family and it is released for the first time in this latest version 0.95. We also updated some of the Korean strings after receiving some great feedback from one teacher from Korean. No functionality has been added or changed from version 0.9.

Download the new version here!

Translated Czech user guide will be available in the next few weeks here.

Comments (6)

  1. Dick says:

    I'm not familiar with that language.

  2. Treenew Lyn says:

    Hello,cool this!

    Is this Open Source?!

    I love it.

  3. Jon Georgsson says:

    How about an Icelandic version? I am an experienced translator of Microsoft software and am ready to offer my free services if that would facilitate.

  4. Jon Georgsson says:

    I am having difficulty finding out who to contact concerning additional new language versions, such as an Icelandic version. Could you provide information? Any pointer would be apprexiated. My email is

  5. CSharpLover says:

    I love Small Basic but how to install the new version of the soft' if it's displaying me error messages all the times I tried to install it ?

    It's saying that there is an old version of SB but I check out and I didn't find anything !

  6. ALI says: