Small Basic v0.8

The eigth and newest installment of Small Basic is now available for download!

Check it out here

(If the link gives you a previous version, please refresh your browser's cache and try again.)

This release features:

  1. Addition of details about your published programs.
  2. Rating system for programs published online.
  3. Rich formatting based copy (useful for printing Small Basic programs)
  4. Keyword help in Intellisense plus code samples.
  5. Performance improvements in the Library APIs.

In addition, we have localized Small Basic in three new languages, Chinese Traditional, Japanese and Portuguese.

The coolest feature in this release is the Silverlight player for Small Basic programs.  Now you can run Small Basic programs on your browser without having to install the IDE.  You can even embed your programs/games on your blog!  As a sample, check out Tetris below!


Comments (8)
  1. anonymouscommenter says:

    Why to install a new version, I need to remove the old?

  2. anonymouscommenter says:

    Windows 7 is not listed as a supported operating on the smallbasic site? Is this correct or an oversight?

  3. Vijaye Raji says:

    Just an oversight, Dantv.  We’ll fix that.

  4. anonymouscommenter says:

    Wow, in 30 min I make nice things using the tutorial. More easy to make than Express. 🙂

    And Thanks to translation to pt_BR, and I loved the export and Silverlight. 🙂


    1) Any chance to support animated gifs?

    2) When I draw lines, squares etc, They are all antialias, Its is strange of my part, but are possibility to draw simple lines without AA?

  5. anonymouscommenter says:

    Is it possible to use grid as data handling,input data,store in a record,open change and change

  6. TinSoldier says:

    Having played with SB for a few days I created a half finished project, then dont you know i closed the code window and didnt save it first 🙁 .

    Any chance SB saves a back-up copy somewhere ? .

    If not maybe a new feature "Auto Save" could be added ? .

    Maybe using a "date/time" name format and confuation options like "number of save files to allow" & "time interval to save" ? .

    Sure would have saved me some re-coding a large part of my work

    <);o) .

  7. phillips101 says:

    I like how when you goto a published sb program I dont have to download the progam to use it.

  8. I am an old qb-4.5 programmer who would like to use the graphing capabilities of small-basic.  Would you have some code that would allow me to plot 3 or 4 curves, with their own ordinate scaling, on one graph?  If so, what extra "boiler plate" would I need (including the names of input files) to succesfully produce a plot.

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