Sample of the Week: Bricks

This week’s sample comes from Stendec, who has ported the classic Bricks game over to Small Basic.  The program works on v0.3.1 and can be imported by using the code QRQ360.  You can also see the listing of the source at:


Comments (6)

  1. Paul says:

    This continually crashes.  I re-installed .net and I removed and re-installed small basic 0.3.1

  2. Drcacho says:

    Just a question, there’s another Software thatr exist’s for years and it’s named Small Basic too. It’s based on this?

  3. jerome m says:

    Any plans on adding double-buffering to the graphics window?  This would really help me with teaching a beginning programming course, as I find people stay engaged when developing simple games.


  4. nicguy says:

    I need some suggestions for my program. I am trying to manipulate the shape but the keys won' t react! Import code:  SPX482

  5. tulula says:

    plz will you show me how t do it plz