Announcing Small Basic v0.2, again!

Some technical issues with the previous announcement - the blog ended up not showing on RSS feeds, etc.  So, here's another announcement! 

As promised, we have a new release of Small Basic!  This version contains all the most requested features by the user community.  Thanks everyone for the great suggestions and for making Small Basic better and better!  Please keep the feedback flowing.  We're listening.

For those that are new, Microsoft Small Basic is a project that aims at bringing the fun back to programming and encourages everyone, from kids to adults to take their first step into the wondeful world of programming!

At a high level, this release includes the following updates:

  • Bug fixes on the IDE
  • A smarter compiler with better language service features, including auto-indent
  • Inclusion of ElseIf keyword in the language
  • Better File access operations
  • Access to position and angle of Turtle

Check out the latest version here!

Comments (4)
  1. anonymouscommenter says:

    The first blog post (titled Announcing Small Basic v0_2!) showed fine in my RSS feed n Google Reader.

  2. anonymouscommenter says:

    Congratulations on SmallBasic!

    I just found it and think it is finally a step in the right direction toward introducing newcomers to programing.

    For the computation oriented, please add ATAN2, or at least ATN, to the MATH routines.

    Thanks for your work.

  3. anonymouscommenter says:

    You should let the maintainer of the Hello World Collection ( know about SmallBasic.  It appears to be missing from his list.

  4. been playing and love this!

    I’d hoped that I could use it for a script I had to write today to take a bunch of files and rename them (append their creation timestamp to the filename) but couldn’t seem to get properties. No dramas… I’m sure things like this will come (but keep it small… we’ve got VB.NET if we want to get silly!)

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